SRGW - Russia - New City needed

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SRGW - Russia - New City needed

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 06 2017

SRGW could use a new Russian town not on the current map: BRONNITSY.

The town dates from the mid-1400s, and was established apparently by men known as Cyrilliic,
the word 'bron' means armor. The town is located 55-km southeast of Moscow, adjacent the Mowcow-Ryazan Railroad line.

* * ADD: BRONNITSY X 1024 Y 127 ADD: Small Village
Air Base - Russian Air OB will include unit at this location.

Small Village. Pop: 11,000.

In 1914, it was location for the Russian Air Service "5th Aviation Company" of aircraft, which supported the Russian Grenadier Corps, as well as the 13th and 17 (Infantry) Corps in the oblast.

Thanks for considering.

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