Bug military installations after "COLONIZE"

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Bug military installations after "COLONIZE"

#1 Post by mrgenie » May 29 2019

After conquering a country and the question comes to ANNEX/COLONIZE/RESTORE RELATIONS

IF during that question you're building up military infrastructure like barracks, air field, harbor, fortifications etc and you want to make it a colony
this colony will PAUZE all constructions.

If you then hand over Military goods, industrial goods, money, etc to continue it will NEVER continue! Production hangs indefinitely.

maybe this also applies to non-military buildings haven't checked on this.

But the colony should definitely be able to resume construction.

OR, as I asked multiple times.. give us more managing power over colonies :)))

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Re: Bug military installations after "COLONIZE"

#2 Post by Balthagor » May 29 2019

mrgenie wrote:
May 29 2019
...it will NEVER continue! Production hangs indefinitely...
This is the same code as the "repair" command. While rare, it should evenutally decide to continue construction. Military facilities will be a particularly low priority as a colony since they expect the parent to keep them safe.
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Re: Bug military installations after "COLONIZE"

#3 Post by mrgenie » May 30 2019

Well we definitely need more control over colonies then.

since I never see them resume even if I give them 10+ M of money, industrial goods, military goods, doesn't matter they never resume

that's just a fact! I can wait hours and hours and nothing happens.

Also some colonies start to build research labs non stop.

Like egypt, as colony building these annyoing military complexes with air production and land production..

As colony they can't even use that!!!

Instead they hand these hexes instantly over to me. I don't want all of them so I scrap them but left with the 1 hex now belongs to me.. which is optically annoying.

After that Egypt starts to build research fabs..

I don't want them to build that either!

It would be MUCH BETTER if colonies PER DEFAULT would do nothing

And then
1) as parent you can tell them what to build
2) you can halt or resume building
3) you can give priorities specifically to their armies: defend only colonial land
expand colonial land
help other colonies
help mother land
4) you can tell them whether to build military production and if you as parent country tell them, their fabs remain theirs and you can control what they will build base on their current technology
5) you as parent can decide to share tech with them

either way, there's a lot missing on the colonial stuff... players-host countries definitely need more control

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Re: Bug military installations after "COLONIZE"

#4 Post by YoMomma » May 31 2019

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Re: Bug military installations after "COLONIZE"

#5 Post by mrgenie » May 31 2019

YoMomma wrote:
May 31 2019
Well one time the facilities transfer other times not, its just something you would expect in a released game. Same with locking colony features, but yeah hopefully these feedback get some attention after all these years.
Yes I sure hope so. As the lack of control over colonies is usually the reason why I first annex.. fix everything.. then release the nation and declare war on them to recapture them and make them a colony finally..

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