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Saved files

#1 Post by Gman » Feb 15 2018

May i get the current path for saved games, ultimate....Mac . Thank you.
I thought it had changed, and I have an incredibly large library of games long forgotten.

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Re: Saved files

#2 Post by Anthropoid » Feb 15 2018

Have a look in

X:\Users\<User>\Documents\my games\Supreme Ruler Ultimate\Savegame

That is with Win 7. It might be different in Win 10 and of course is likely to be very different on any other platform. I doubt that the installation location of Steam or the game makes any difference.

Also, if memory serves, there is a sub-pane you can open up in one of the Game Settings tabs that allows you to remap this file path.

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Re: Saved files

#3 Post by GIJoe597 » Feb 15 2018

Anthropoid. Op is asking for a MAC. It is different for them.

OP not sure if this helps at all;

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Re: Saved files

#4 Post by Nerei » Feb 15 2018

For ultimate it is something like this.

Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Supreme Ruler Ultimate/ Games/Supreme Ruler Ultimate/Savegame

Great War is also a steam game and uses a winebottle setup so it should be similar just with slightly different names.

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