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POLL: Interface addition - redesign

Posted: Apr 26 2020
by mrgenie
I'm going to create a poll on this one because I'm not sure how many people would agree to this.
And please let me know if you feel I can improve the poll. As I don't feel quite happy with it myself but lack the skills to
create a poll I feel comfortable with exploring all the options.

But I sometimes find it very hard to scroll through the air units selecting which units I want to prioritize and which not because of the mixture of helicopters vs airplanes.

Especially selecting what I want for carrier based units.

Would it be possible to have next to "Land, Air, Naval, Missiles" have it like this: "Land, Air, Heli, Navy, Missiles"

Yes I know a helicopter is also an air unit..But strictly speaking given the fact air units aren't solely to airforces but countries
worldwide also deploy air units as part of army and naval and marines it's not that far stretched it it?

I mean a paratrooper might be considered air as well..

Also Marines are usually part of the Navy not the Army

Anyway, I can rationalize much longer on this but 'm going to add a poll to this one