Interface addition infrastructure/supplies

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Interface addition infrastructure/supplies

#1 Post by mrgenie » Apr 25 2020

I have this request not just for GW but all version.

-1) some colors of supplies are really hard to figure out, especially yellowish-greenish colors
maybe restrict it to
blue, red, purple?

-2) have a setting (feature request) to thicken the transparency of the colors
if this is added maybe yellow and green colors can be used as well because we users can simply use a slider to adjust

-3) infrastructure like roads and railroads sometimes hard to see, especially in mountains and dark forest areas.
have the option for the user to make the roads let's say very dark orange and railroads very dark red?
Like a hotkey to switch this on/off

If any of the above already exists somewhere beyond my knowledge please let me know in the comments.


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