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pathing feature request

#1 Post by mrgenie » Oct 03 2018

with latest AI improvements, which are great, I use the minister even more.

but one issue which hunts me since SR2010 when i first discovered this game i’m missing a feature to control the minister a bit more.

right now the minister sometimes start to send units from Europe to Latin Americas, Africa, South-East Asia without my approval! I just want him to control units in the local theater and leave the balancing on how many umits are needed in which theater to me.

although the AI it’s fine he can move units around the world, for the human player there should be a setting on the minister panel to
1) not path LAND units to neighboring theaters
this would however lead during war your units would never move from western europe to invade eastern europe.

so you’d need to have an event trigger: if units hit border of theater and next plot is enemy land allow exclusion to above rule for as long as the war lasts, so all units between these 2 theaters can now move eboth theaters as long as the war is going on.

make this exlusion visible to the human player in the minister panel .

so once human player see this exclusion he can choose to delete the exclusion and manually again appoint how many and which units will fight at the front lines.

2) not path LAND units over water, prevent embarking

these 2 features i miss for years now to give human players a bit more control over the minister.

don’t get me wrong on local level the minister handles the 100+ units fighting locally better then a human simply because he’s faster! in slow motion of course a human would do better. but i really feel above 2 features to control ministers on the large scale is missing.

after all during wwii it was also the us president that approved how many soldiers and ships and planes would be send to africa, europe, asia, etc .

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