Naval units responsiveness to hotspots

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Naval units responsiveness to hotspots

#1 Post by way2co0l » Jul 18 2018

So I wanted to bring up another issue I've been having. Basically, naval units do not respond to hotspots well. It doesn't seem to matter what force sizes I request or what priority I give them, they rarely seem to call any meaningful number of ships over, and the ones that do get called are almost always smaller craft which won't put up the fight that I'm trying to summon them over for. lol.

I'm not entirely certain what the problem is, but I believe that it's the way the naval AI is currently trying to spread itself out through constant short range move orders. This appears to ensure that they are constantly tied up with active orders and I believe that prevents them from being eligible to respond to hotspot orders. If I'm right about this, then I'd personally request that the speed that they receive new orders be delayed somewhat, but especially so the larger the ship is. Patrol craft and even destroyers should be moving around more often and filling in the gaps, but the capital ships should be taking new move orders less often and thus (hopefully) responding to hotspot orders more readily. If I could get naval units, particularly heavy naval units, to be more responsive to my hotspot settings then I'd have a much easier time getting the results I'm looking for. Again, thanks for considering! :D

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