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GUI improvement

#1 Post by mrgenie » Jul 06 2018

As you can see in the lower left is the normal naval designs for the production queue.

One has to double click to get the detailed stats.

For a fast comparison, I would recommend showing these stats in a list to a panel right of the designs..
top row would be with the nice icons for fuel, range, visibility, attack strengths, defense, etc..
and below it you have the values for each design for a fast comparison.

This panel should be "extend" or "hide" button added so only if you wish to compare.

also the buttons to exclude, favorite, etc..

way to unfriendly GUI the way it's now... you keep clicking double click and click popup and another popup for something which should be simply under a single click button in the main design "extended" panel.

just my recommendation to make the GUI more user friendly.

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