Feature proposal: Strategic Unit Trading (SUT)

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Re: Feature proposal: Strategic Unit Trading (SUT)

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Rosalis wrote:
May 16 2020
Its good idea until western powers buy up all the eastern equipment, because they dont have the designs, but got the money to do so. Then its very bad and defeat the purpose of having unique unit designs.

This system as proposed by the rest is too generic. Netherlands doesnt buy cw units from eastern europe, they buy very advanced AA units from USA, tanks from Germany, planes from USA, etc. etc. etc. From their allies not random nations that keep building old units.

That would be step 1, AI stop building useless 70 year old units and step 2 scrapping them. Else the number of deployed units will increase, but its basicly just lagging the game. No point in overflooding the airfields with stuff that get 1 shot.

Nations should only export their excess units. Right now not only with units but also with resources nations export old cw units to Netherlands for example and then build even worse units. Its a loss loss at that point.
Valid arguments. But I don't see why these valid arguments can't be dealt with. Basically these arguments can be dealt with using the current system in place that
you can only buy units and tech which is set in the cvp file, or have it a bit more dynamic in game you have not just NATO vs Warsaw Pact..

But several pacts:
Western, Communist, India, China, Neutral
You can only buy from the group you belong to.

The get rid of useless units is something that needs to be done anyway, regardless of trading
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