Observation Balloons

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Observation Balloons

#1 Post by Draken » Aug 08 2017

Just an idea in case they are not yet considered as part of the Zeppelins DLC ( :lol: 8) ) ...

http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/ ... sW8ZT.dpbs

They could be very useful to spot that pesky artillery that fires at my troops from outside my line of sights... I use patrol aircraft for this duty but the combination of their limited range, lack of airfields on the right spots and the time that takes to build the airfields, hampers their usefulness ...

The Observation balloons could be implemented as a helicopter class with 0 velocity. To move them, they should be loaded into a supply truck.


It could be a recon land unit (similar to the radar truck)...

Let's discuss... If anything, it could be a good idea for a mod...
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