Independent Tech and Performance

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Independent Tech and Performance

#1 Post by Stand_Sure_Anderson » May 17 2017

It would be nice if there was a focus on giving nations their real world Techs or the ability to acquire them through trade means.

I mean by allowing say Israel to buy the centurion from the UK which would then allow them to research and produce their own real world variants, or for the techs to be available as era based.

Adding models for the vehicles at least to the very best possible ability, Commanding SU tank destroyers that resemble Jagdpanthers sometime spoils the game for me, I'm sure its also a pick for others too.

above all else it would be nice to have work done to allow Crippling speeds, as It is I can play a early year sandbox 1936 and so forth but any 2020 era sandbox is near impossible to play 2 years in if lucky.

Will always be a fan of the Supreme Ruler games but its just the little bits that need refining more than anything else.

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