Triumph of the Kaiser multiplayer game, the second great war

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Triumph of the Kaiser multiplayer game, the second great war

#1 Post by Cdiplayer » May 27 2016

Greetings fellow Supreme Rulers! I am in the process of setting up a Triumph of the Kaiser multiplayer game if anyone is interested. This game will result in a world war and will come with some rules to make sure that everybody has a good time and that the game is as realistic as possible. Here are the basics
The game will begin in 1936 and everyone will have five years to build up before the start of the war. War will begin on May 15th 1941 and all belligerents must declare war within a month after that date. Here are the countries that the players may choose from in each alliance
The Central Powers:
The Austro Hungarian Empire
The Ottoman Empire
The Ukrainian People's Republic
The Belorussian People's Republic
Free India (If they survive the Indian civil war)
Ethiopia (If they survive the Italian invasion earlier in the game)

The Entente:
The United States of America
Great Britain
The French Republic
The French State
China (either communist or nationalist)
New Zealand
South Africa
The Spanish Republic (Francoist Spain, if it survives the Civil War, must remain neutral)
Players may pick any one of these powers, but if they do they must honor their alliances, alliances may not be changed until the war begins at which time a player may negotiate with the enemy alliance to switch sides IF an enemy power controls that player's starting capital.
No nation may declare war on another nation before May 15 1941, however players can take part in proxy wars and may ship arms to other nations. The only two exceptions to this rule are if the Japanese player wishes they may declare war on China any time after July 1st 1937. (Keep in mind however, that China's allies can participate in the proxy war) and the US player. The US may not place troops on foreign soil until WW2 has begun. They can however send military equipment to any country.
Once a player's primary capital has fallen into the hands of the enemy AND their secondary capital has fallen to the enemy, they may negotiate a surrender with the enemy alliance. Basic terms of surrender should be as follows, mandatory alliance with all former enemy nations, full transit treaties with all enemy nations, and free trade and free flow of labor force with all enemy nations as well as non aggression pacts with all enemy nations, disarmament of at least 90% of the player's military at the time of the surrender, and mandatory war reparations that the enemy nations may decide for themselves. Any other terms can be negotiated between the player and the enemy. All independent nations not mentioned above are to be considered neutral and may not be attacked until May 15th 1943 at the earliest, with a few notable exceptions. The German player may invade The Netherlands and/or Belgium if they wish to follow the Schlieffen plan. They may also choose to invade Switzerland if they choose to follow a plan other than the Schlieffen plan. In other words, the Central Powers have four options, which they must choose on May 15th 1941.
Plan 1: Invade France without invading the low countries or Switzerland
Plan 2: Invade Belgium and the Netherlands to get to France
Plan 3: Invade only Belgium to get to France
Plan 4: Invade Switzerland to get to France (and Italy I suppose)
The Central Powers may execute one of these four plans, but not more than one.
The Entente however, has two options that they may execute at any time during the war
Plan 1: invade Germany directly
Plan 2: Invade Switzerland to get to Germany
Aside from these predetermined plans no other nation may have its neutrality violated in the course of the war.
Anyway, now that all of that stuff is out of the way, pick your countries everybody!

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