Multiplayer mod extremely slow

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Multiplayer mod extremely slow

#1 Post by bojandurmic » Jul 24 2015

Dear BattleGoat Studios ,

My friend and I have recently purchased this game so we can enjoy playing multiplayer together. Before the multiplayer game , we practiced on singleplayer. The game was working awesome for him and myself , and we had lots of fun. Then we started multiplayer.

It was only us 2 , who were playing. We are living in the same apartment block. And have really powerful PC's.

When we started a game , we noticed it was too slow. We set the game speed to very fast , fast and normal , but it is running way too slowly. Units take forever to move , time passes really really slowly. I could move from my town to another faster than these units can in the game :D . But , enough of joking.

We both tried hosting , with the same results. Our PC's :

My : CPU : Intel i7 4790
GPU : R9 270X

His : CPU : AMD FX 6300
GPU : R9 280X

I can ensure that our Internet connection is not the problem , since we successfully played SuperPower 2 and Hearts of Iron 3 online, without any lag or game slow. We tried playing on Hamachi , DIrect Connect , Tunngle and Gameranger. Still slow. We have tried reinstalling the game , restarting routers , litterally everything we could think of doing, but no solution was found.

So I, in my name and in my friend's name, beg you to help us fix this problem. The game was pure enjoyment, and most certainly the best political game we played, but this problem is really preventing us to enjoy the game as we should.

Thanks ahead, Bojan.

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