Playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate Multiplayer Games

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Re: Playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate Multiplayer Games

#31 Post by Kristijonas » Jun 24 2015

Recently a desync ruined our multiplayer game :/

I have a theory that someone might want to check:

I was at war with another player. An AI nation was allied to BOTH me and him. This may have led my PC to calculate as if the AI is helping me, and the other player saw the AI as helping him.

Saved game: ... sp=sharing (Check how different everything is when playing as Iraq and Syria. For example populations, kill count etc).

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Re: Playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate Multiplayer Games

#32 Post by Pax25 » Jun 26 2015

I've hosted multiple MP games on both GameRanger and Tunngle. Some games with as many as 10 people. I'd love to see a switch to Steam if it improves the multiplayer experience.
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Re: Playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate Multiplayer Games

#33 Post by Terran1969 » Jul 13 2016

This would make the game more fun id like to see this happen on Steam.

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Re: Playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate Multiplayer Games

#34 Post by JollyGoodBork » Jul 13 2016

Wait why are you replying to a post that is more than a year old?
And, Frankly, anything that could give us stable multiplayer games would be great.
Something safe, stable and fast, preferably without having to download third party software.

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Re: Playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate Multiplayer Games

#35 Post by mrgenie » Aug 03 2016

zero007 wrote:Im hoping that BG will implement Steam multiplayer and matchmaking in this game. At the moment majority of my friends wont bother playing this game due to router issues. People are just too lazy or unskilled to modifie their routers to use direct ip. Hamachi and similar programs have their own issues... Atleast BG should set up Polls to see what people want. I would vote Yes implement Steam multiplayer and matchmaking.
what kind of problems?

I simply setup a tap layer 2 virtual private network.

everyone having their own in the and everything is bridged so you can have 65k computers in the network and everyone seeing each other.

not sure what kind of problem you might have there. Not even NAT, port mapping or anything else is needed.

here's a nice website with good info:

simply setup a server and the clients (I understood from your command you understand networking)
and distribute the clients automatically to your friends with a little script and everything is up and running automatically on their end.

nice thing: if you use proper encryption and certificates it's safe to assume no one who's capable of hacking this network will hack your network.
Those who can, will target bigger fish.

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