The Collapse

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The Collapse

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As resources grow slimmer, the UN in total disarray, and super powers becoming more and more hungry for power and the slimming resources, the world is on the brink.

Turkey watches carefully, as the world falls around them, and they prepare to defend themselves and take there own initiatives to get what they need.

Part 1
Heightened Tensions

in January 2020 the Turkish leaders gather in Ankara to discuss the recent aggression from Russia in the Black Sea and Irans buildup of forces in the last year, while the gathering took place Iran declared war on Saudi Arabia and attempted a sea invasion to take them by surprise as Saudi Arabia tried to reinforce the border with Kuwait thinking a land invasion through the small Kingdom, however, the Iranian troops were stalled and repelled at the port of Al Jubayl and Iran retreated and regrouped.

At the same time, Russia began to invade Poland through Kaliningrad, Poland expecting an attack was quick to respond and by the first of February had pushed back Russia's initial strike force back into Kaliningrad port and was close to defeating the Russians.

With the Invasion of Poland the Turkish government decided to immediately close down the Turkish Straits to all International shipping and transport.
The Russians tried to defy the order on the 23rd of February by forcing 30 troop convoys through the Straits where the Turkish Navy opened fire on them, destroying 23 of the 30 ships and forcing a Russian withdrawal, despite the heavy losses, Russia did not declare war.

On April 3rd Russian troop convoys with Russian destroyers attacked the Polish Navy at Kaliningrad and landed fresh troops in the city, Polish troops who were exhausted from constant hit and run skirmishes from the remaining troops in Kaliningrad were overrun quickly and forced out of the city, Russia took this victory to continue to send troops to Kaliningrad. Turkey began to support Poland by sending in 2 Divisions consisting of the 13th Tank and 4th Infantry Divisions, other countries began sending in support as well including Britain, France and Norway.
Despite the support, Russian troops pushed Poland back to Olsztyn surrounding a large portion of the Polish army and destroying them after 4 days of intense fighting and artillery barrages.

By the end of April, Polish forces were pushed into Legionowo, 20 kilometers north of Warsaw, the Polish Army set up its remaining artillery in defense of the city and destroyed all bridges linking it to Warsaw in an attempt to slow down Russian advances, the Russians responded by sending the main force to fight in the West and only a few divisions to defend the line north of Legionowo.

Turkish 13th tank division attempted to defend Gdansk, with some initial successes it was destroyed when the main Russian force moved Westward, the 4th Infantry Division was withdrawn when it was clear Poland would lose the war. Poland fell when Warsaw was captured on April 29th by a Russian Tank invasion under cover from Artillery.

Meanwhile tensions were high in the Balkans, Turkey was being pressured by Bulgaria on threat of war to let them make shipments through the Straits, Turkey hard stance to not allow Black Sea shipping with fear the Pro-Russia government in Bulgaria was assisting the Russians by smuggling arms and troops into the Mediterranean, and when a Bulgarian freighter was intercepted with nearly 5000 Russian made AK-47s the Turkish government decided to take a pre-emptive strike while it was still possible and invaded Bulgaria on May 1st and by May 3rd had moved deep into Bulgaria being
finally halted at the city of Plovdiv where Bulgaria launched a counter offensive, the offensive failed and Turkish armed forces broke the defensive line and made for Sofia.

Sofia was reached first by the highly mobile 8th Infantry Division who fought hard fought skirmishes in parts of the outer suburbs with Bulgarian garrisons from the 4th Militia regiment, but were overwhelmed when more Turkish forces arrived. Sofia was set up well defensively, the remaining Bulgarian army was dedicated to protecting Sofia which prevented a direct attack immediately, so from May 5th to May 10th the Turkish Artillery Corps bombarded the city using the Corps 700 Artillery guns and Rockets from Russian bought Smerch trucks, and after 5 days of artillery fire the Turkish 22nd Tanks entered Sofia, they were met with 2 Infantry Divisions who fought a hard, bloody battle. Sofia fell at 600hours on May 12th, Bulgarian officials met in Istanbul to negotiate a ceasefire and treaty, Turkey annexed Bulgaria with promises to release the country when Russian aggression was quelled.

With the War over with Bulgaria, Turkey again turned its concern to its neighbor, Iran, and rightfully so, on May 18th, 2020, Iran declared war on Turkey.

**End Part 1**

Part 2
The Iranian Conflict

Iranian response was poor and they were clearly not ready for a war with Turkey despite being the aggressor, Turkish troops were delayed in getting to the front since most were in Europe still from fighting Bulgaria, but a few defending garrisons were present and met minimal Iranian troops before reinforcements arrived.
Turkey then mounted Operation Fox beginning with a two pronged invasion, a Southern push and a Northern/Eastern push.

The Southern front pushed through the border town of Salmas and quickly moves to the southern city of Mahabad where they met Iranian Artillerys 32nd Regiment and 33rd Infantry which was quickly overwhelmed by superior Turkish numbers, the North went through Khvoy and met Iranian resistance in Tabriz, once Tabriz fell on May 21st it set up a military command to better oversee the war.

In Asia, North Korea made a surprise invasion of Russia on May 15th and pushed in to a base east of Hulin before sundown, Russia quickly began to flood troops from Europe to the Asian front line to replace its destroyed Asian divisions. The only Russian city to not fall to North Korea south of the front was Vladivostok where 3 Artillery regiments, 2 Infantry Regiments, 2 Tank Divisions and the local reserves garrison valiantly defended the city under constant attack from North Korean artillery and full invasion attempts.

Meanwhile Turk forces moved further into Iran, taking the Northern city and military base in Zanjan and meeting up with the Southern forces before regrouping and re-evaluating the final pushes towards Tehran.

Unfortunately these well thought out planning stages were cut short with Russia declaring war on Turkey on June 13th. Turkish command in Tabriz had to quickly send a defense force to the North as Russia also quickly took Azerbaijan and Georgia making two areas where the Russian and Turkish borders met. Turkey sent 3 divisions to the city of Ardabil to defend the North of Iran from invasion.

Immediately after declaring war the Russian navy attacked the Turkish navy outside the Istanbul Port in an attempt to attack the city and take control of the Turkish Straits, thankfully the Turkish Navy in the Mediterranean quickly came to reinforce the ships in Istanbul pushing back Russian ships and striking a huge moral blow by sinking the Cruiser "Moskva" and heavily damaging the "Admiral Essen" this gave the Turkish Navy a chance to control the Black Sea and after chasing the Russian Navy into Sevastopol they solidified that control in a critical victory.

Russia also declared war on the Czech Republic which was a mistake as the Czechs, expecting this, were war ready and quickly overran the Russian front line pushing into Chorzow by June 18th.

Turkey meanwhile is looking for a quick defeat of Iran in order to focus on the Russian front, this put in place Operation Desert Push, where Turkey went into a massing one pronged column assault, the
idea worked and within 4 hours the heavily defended city Qazvin was taken and Turkey was in striking distance of Tehran.
Tehran was lightly defended and was taken quickly and Iran finally surrendered on June 30th after the Turkish Airforce destroyed the last main army base outside of Tehran and Saudi forces began to invade Gulf Sea ports.

North Korea meanwhile had pushed within 55km of the last major army base in Eastern Russia before Mongolia, Khabarovsk. Russia had finally gotten troops into the area from Europe and Siberia and had set up a heavy defense with artillery and rocket units behind 8 tank and 7 Infantry divisions.

North Koreas advance now halted began to falter, Russia began a series of counter offensives that were all highly successful and within 2 weeks the North had lost nearly all the land it had taken being pushed within 30 miles of Vladivostok which was beginning to push out from the city with fresh supplies brought in by ship.

The Czechs were having a better time, pushing Russia into Warsaw and heading for Kaliningrad. At this point Germany pledged Naval support to the Czechs and had blockaded the Kaliningrad port.

Turkey hopes now with Russia distracted fighting intense battles with North Korea and worried about losing its captured Polish territory it will be able to make make a permanent gain into the Caucuses.

**End Part 2**

Part 3
Invasion of the Caucasus

Turkish command immediately moved the army from Tehran into South Azerbaijan with goals of at least controlling the Caucasus area of Russia. Turkish forces first aim to take back the former nations of Azerbaijan and Georgia, the first task is taking the city of Baku.
Turkish 22nd Infantry and 9th Tank Divisions entered Baku on July 2nd with little Russian resistance being already embattled with Azerbaijan resistance fighters who joined with the Turkish forces to fight the Russians.

Russia quickly responded by reinforcing troops north of Baku and barraging the city with heavy rocket fire from Smerch trucks placed behind the front line, this lasted until July 5th when Turkey finally broke through there line and managed to cut off Russian retreat to destroy a huge amount of Russian artillery. This fighting resulted in heavy losses for both sides, costing Turkey nearly 8 000 forces dead or wounded.

In North Korea the line is pushed far south finally getting into North Korea itself, heavy fighting centered around the Army and Air base in Rason, North Korea begins to mount a counter offensive sending new troops to the front line, these troops however are heavily shell shocked and battered by the time they reach Rason due to Russian artillery firing behind Rason and Russian bombers attacking convoys.

In Russia itself a few Korean regiments are surrounded in Artem, this is the last holdout in Russia of North Korean troops.

Back in Turkey, Russia mounts a defense at Kaspiysk on July 15th but it ultimately wasn't enough and Turkish troops broke through the line within a day continuing North.
On the South front troops pushed for the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi which falls to Turkey on July 26th after weeks of intense fighting. The line then moves North to Grozny where it meets the Northern Forces, Grozny is heavily defended and fighting is intense, Russia saw this as an attempt to mount a counter attack, and it did successfully retake Kaspiysk on July 27th before Turkish reinforcements retook the city and destroyed the Russian infantry division stationed there on the 29th.

North Korea and Russia continue to exchange in costly battles with Russia making small gains into North Korea, Rason fell to Russia on July 20th and had pushed South into Ch'orgjin fighting street by street with North Korean troops and local resistance. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un prepares Pyongyangs anti-air defenses in case of Russian bomber attacks.

Russian Navy has its first Asian engagement fighting North Korean warships in the Battle of Rason Port, a more modern and larger Russian navy decimated the North Korean Navy with its small, outdated ships, mostly small gunboats and Soviet-era Submarines.

On the Czech line the Germans join in, declaring war on Russia on July 23rd fighting against little resistance in Northern Poland taking the town of Koszalin in less than 2 days.
The German Navy engages the Russian North Sea Fleet and in an important victory secures Kaliningrad port area and prevents reinforcements from Russia.

Turkish forces fighting long hard battles finally take Grozny and the nearby city of Vladikavkaz on August 4th, the fast loss of land and important Caucus bases lead to Putin himself forcing a withdraw to Kropotkin to regroup launching a counter offensive on August 8th.

North Korea loses the Battle of Ch'orgjin which decimates the remaining army, leaving only a few defensive garrisons and artillery regiments remaining defending Pyongyang and Kaesong.
The loss at Ch'orgjin made the Kim regime abdicate and flee to China, a provisional government is set up with a few remaining officials, but regardless Pyongyang is reached by Russian forces on August 17th and after a short but bloody battle in Pyongyang the provisional government surrenders and North Korea is annexed.

The Germans and Czech line easily overrun the under supplied and outnumbered Russian troops in Poland taking all of Poland by August 18th.
Kaliningrad which is still cut off from Russian resupply prepares for a battle with Czech and German troops, the first hints of which begin with a military buildup 10 miles outside the city by Czech troops.

Turkeys advance in Russia is halted temporarily by the Counter Offensive but it soon continues on to defeat Russia once and for all.

**End Part 3**

Part 4
Final Russia Showdown

Turkish Command decides at this point to divide the army into a North and South with the South moving towards the Caucus capital of Rostov and the North headed for Volgograd.
The Northern forces reached Volgograd quickly taking Russian garrisons by surprise, Russia had though Turkey would take its full force to take Rostov and then move East to Volgograd after, this surprise puts the Northern force 20 miles south of Volgograd by Sept 1st, Russian artillery divisions defending the city quickly mobilize and move south in order to keep Turkish forces out.

South forces met much stiffer resistance reaching Kopotkin on Sept 2nd finally taking the city after surrounding it and fighting bloody, costly fights in the city.
After the taking of Kopotkin forces moved North slowly hitting pockets of Russian Armed forces and local resistance fighters.

North forces break the artillery lines and capture Volgograd on Sept 7th forcing out the final Infantry division in whats known as the Massacre at Volgograd where Turkish troops surrounded the 37th Infantry Division and killed them all, even though it is rumored a pocket of 50 defending a BTR surrendered to Turkish military.

The South reaches Rostov-Na-Donv, capital of the region on Sept 8th which is heavily defended by a large number of Russian units and the remaining Black Sea Fleet.
Turkey on an initial approach is bombarded by 4 Destroyers and 2 Smerch Artillery Regiments placed strategically in the Port of Rostov and on the North Shoreline, Turkey losing an entire Tank and 2 Infantry Divisions within 7 hours and having to retreat, what came next was a week of Artillery exchanges and failed attack attempts by both sides before a plan is put in place.

Russia in the meantime begins to panic and send the entire Asian sector of the army to Europe, most travel over land, the quick unexpected fall of Volgograd and the shelling of Rostov compelled Russian generals to make the strange move.

on September 14th Turkey began a massive artillery strike on the shore of the Rostov river and the Naval ships stationed there and under Artillery cover the Turkish airforce attacks the Naval ships sinking 3 of the 4 Destroyers and forcing the 4th surviving ship to travel to allied Ukraines port of Odessa for repairs. After this strike Turk forces massed over the river and into the city, which succeeds and Rostov fell on September 17th.

North forces had moved into Saratov by this time against heavier resistance as the Russians have moved more troops to try and hold the North line as well, Saratov falls quickly to superior Turkish numbers though artillery lines set up behind the city cost Turkey a large amount of men.

After the fall of Rostov the Russians retreat entirely out of the Caucasus, secureing the region for Turkey.

In Europe tensions mounted between Russian ally France and Turkish allies Germany and Spain, this comes to a head when France declares war on Spain on September 22nd massing troops on the Northern section of the border near Baracaldo.
French forces make rapid progress despite Spanish troops reacting fast taking the city of Pamplona the same day.

France also deploys a force in the East fighting towards Barcelona with Artillery strikes and then fast Infantry taking the destroyed area.
Spanish Armed forces are overwhelmed and largely destroyed.

Germany responds by declaring war on France sending 4 divisions to take Metz on September 28th, France responds by reinforcing Strasbourg. Germany after taking Metz awaits reinforcements to push for Paris and south to Lyon.

Turkey meanwhile continues to move North taking the base at Buturlinovka on Sept 30th and moving towards Voronezh.
Turkeys Northern troops create a buffer zone between North and South forces so Russias fast approaching Asian Divisions will have to fight a long battle to get South.
North troops also are fighting for an important base at Cheboksary which is the main base between Moscow and the Urals.

The French have pushed the Spanish deep into Spain capturing Barcelona and sitting 40 miles north of the capital Madrid by October 10th.
German forces have pushed into Northeastern France taking the city of Reims by Oct 9th and are within striking distance of Paris. French troops in Spain are told to pull back to defend the German Line.

on October 10th Russias huge Asian force arrives and heavy fighting begins in the city of Samara as Turkey attempts funnel tactics against Russias wide advance line, the main front line changes little and Turkey fears being overwhelmed by sheer numbers, the South force is told to abandon the line and reinforce the North.
The Turkish forces and Russian forces fight brutal and costly battles for nearly all of October, finally October 30th the Russian line breaks and the remaining Asian forces scatter and retreat, most going to the base in Novgorod and Cheboksary.
Turkey attempts to cut off convoys with Artillery, hit and run infantry attacks and air bombardments decimating the remaining forces.

Spain mounts a counter offensive on France now that they are distracted with the German line, 4 Spanish Infantry Divisions, which is the entire remaining standing army, pushes French troops out of Madrid and into Valladolid by Oct 31st.
Germany meanwhile has destroyed the French army at Lyon taking the city on October 28th after waiting for France to reinforce and springing a surprise attack surrounding the city and effectively destroying Frances standing army.
Germany has also moved towards Paris and fighting against garrisons in Evry started on Nov 5th.

France fell on November 13th after German forces entered Paris and killed Macron. Spain regains all its land and Germany annexes French land.

Turkish troops destroy the last of Russias Asian force at Novgorod taking the base over on Nov 7th, moving towards Moscow, Russian resistance is high and its a slow move, Turkey only taking Ivanovo on Nov 23rd and reaching Moscows outskirts on Dec 5th.

Moscow itself is invaded by the largest massing of Turkish forces since the attack on Rostov and Moscow with limited defenses left fell on december 10th, Putins government moved to St Petersburg but were killed by Finnish special operatives on December 12th leading to Russias surrender December 13th.

Turkey took all of Russias land except St Petersburg which went to Finland and the Murmansk Area which went to Norway.

**End Part 4**

Part 5
The Invasion of Ukraine

A brief time of peace followed the fall of Russia. Turkey began to rebuild the heavily damaged cities of Russia like Moscow and Rostov using its new revenue from Siberian Oil to fund the building efforts. The Russian people largely accepted Turkish rule as the Turks allowed them to continue there usual routine uninterrupted. Moscow was quickly set up as the defacto capital of the Euro-Russian province, Vladivistok was made the same for the Asian-Russian provinces. This Capital building allowed Turkey to govern more easily.

On December 27th the peace in Europe ended with the Ukraine, a huge Pro-Russian nation, declared war on Romania.

The first few days were quiet but on Dec 30th Romanian troops crossed into Ukraine opening the fighting at the city of Chernivtsi destroying the Ukrainian 82nd Tank Regiment just outside the city.
After initial success in fighting Ukrainian Garrisons the Romanians were pushed back on the eastern side of the city by Ukrainian forces who have now fully mobilized, soon the Romanians were overwhelmed on the entire line and were pushed back, most being surrounded in the city of Suceava, the artillery attacks that followed effectively destroyed most of Romania's standing army by January 8th, 2021.

Turkey began mobilizing and massing its forces on the Ukraine border on Jan 6th, Turkey seeing the invasion of Romania as an excuse to intervene and destroy Pro-Russian Ukraine.
After Romania launched a successful counter offensive, retaking Botosani and freeing the beseiged surviving troops in Suceava the Turks took action declaring war on January 13th taking the town of Shostka within a day.

Turkey met little resistance with the Ukraine fully engaged in Romania, Ukraines government saw this and quickly drew together a defensive force to attempt stopping the Turkish advance and defend Kiev. The force met Turkeys army south of Konotop on Jan 21st losing terribly against the numerically and technologically superior Turks who destroyed the force effectively wiping out 3 Infantry Divisions at the Battle of Konotop.

Romania with newfound hope of victory began a push back against weakened and strained Ukrainian troops pushing them back to Chernivtsi and Kolomyya.

Turkey attempting a distraction and wanting to open up the front attacked Kharkiv with 5 Infantry Divisions, the attack went disastrously, Turkey taking heavy losses due to the Kharkiv Artillery Regiment being active in the Military base outside the city. Turkish forces retreated on January 23rd after losing nearly half of its initial attack force before even attacking the city directly.

on Jan 24th Turkey and Ukraine engaged in the first full scale battle of the war just north of Nizhyn. The Turkish 16th, 14th and 22nd Tank Divisions meeting the Ukrainian Guard Infantry, both sides had heavy losses including the loss of the entire 16th Tank Division for the Turks but ultimately Turkey would win and push them out of Nizhyn.

Turkey then opened up the front massing troops to Poltava and Kharkiv once again. Kharkiv finally fell on Feb 3rd after intense fighting and strategic air bombings of artillery positions.
The Turk forces in Nizhyn after hearing of victory in Kharkiv began moving south attacking the outlying cities of Kiev, Borispol and Brovary.
Poltava fell on Feb 5th, this put the Turkish line on the eastern banks of the Dniepper River havaing taken all Ukrainian land east of the river.

on February 6th the Turkish airforce began an bombing campaign of Kiev in an attempt to dislodge the Artillery Regiment defending the city and bombarding troops in Brovary, this mission succeeded with nearly all the Artillery pieces being damaged or destroyed within 24 hours.

Romania had made small gains but were mostly on a defense with most of its army being destroyed, despite this though they did take Chernivtsi on Jan 30th and pushed northward towards the city and important western army base of L'viv, sitting 20 miles outside the town on Feb 6th.

On feb 13th Turkish forces took Brovary and pushed across the river into Kiev who resisted with its large garrisoned force.
Despite heavy fighting by the defending garrison the superior Tank and Armoured Infantry of the Turkish Army overwhelmed them and Kiev fell on Feb 16th. Ukraine surrendered the same day.

Romania and Turkey annexed Ukraine, Turkey taking its conquered land east of the Dniepper and important Ore Mines west of Dnipro. Romania got most of the Western land and the important port of Odessa.

**End Part 5**

Part 6
The Korean War and Chinese Intervention

Shortly before the Ukraine fell, China began its own campaign to take Southeast Asia, declaring war on Laos.
Chinese forces never set foot in Laos, in stead the airforce tactically carpet bombed the capital city and armed pro-chinese rebels in the north, Laos formally surrendered on Feb 17th though immediately after its surrender, Thailand and Vietnam formed an alliance and declared war on China, Thailand quickly occupied Laos and brutally massacred Pro-Chinese rebels that had moved south to occupy Laos former capital, Thailand also moved north with its troops taking the southern city of Yunjinghong.
Vietnam quickly expanded as well reaching and laying seige to Nanning in the east and Kunming in the Northwest.
Chinese forces finally reached the front setting up a defense in these two important cities by February 19th marking a long stalemate.

On Feb 18th, South Korea angry at Turkish annexing North Korea declared war on Turkey.
Artillery in Kaesong exchanged preliminary fire with Korean artillery in P'Aju before Korea invaded with a wave of Tank and Heavy Infantry Divisions.
Turkey, with very little military units in Korea had to scramble its European units and send them to the Asian front, this gave Korea an open invite into Northern Territory, Turkey losing Pyongyang by Feb 22nd.

Turkey responded with heavy air bombings of Korean convoys, this did prove effective with Korea taking heavy losses, though it did little to affect the Korean offensive, South Korea attacked the base at Hungnam on Feb 28th, and despite heavy resistance the last North Korean area fell on March 11th, the port at Rason fell after a short battle with a Marine garrison and the Destroyer "Erdogan"
ended with the entire garrison killed or captured and the Destroyer being sunk by a surprise attack by the Korean Capital Ship Seoul.

On March 22nd, Pro-Chinese Myanmar declared war on Thailand invading enmass east of Yangon and as far south as Tavoy. Tavoy saw a large expert unit attempt to quickly move to Bangkok. Thai forces responded quickly and prepared a counter attack. Vietnam was tasked with holding the Chinese line while the Thai Army dealt with the Myanmar invasion.

on April 1st Turkish forces who had regrouped in Vladivostok began a counter-offensive retaking Rason the same day.
April 2nd, Turkey began to attack the city of Ch'ongjin where South Korea had set up a massive artillery defense, this proved costly to both sides, Artillery killing thousands trying to penetrate the city and thousands of Koreans being killed once Turkey reached the Artillery line, the city fell into Turkish hands on April 11th in what would be the deadliest battle since the attack on Rostov.

Just before the fall of the city, China, nervous about Turkish forces in the area, declared war on Turkey hoping to surround the advancing troops and destroy them early in, however China was behind in there grouping of troops for this and Turkey who had a fresh supply of Euro troops from the Ukrainian war set up a secure front and began to push into China.

By April 26th the South Korean army began to collapse, Turkish forces meeting fewer resistance and more defectors, though there was fierece resistance in Hungnam by very loyal garrisons and the 18th Infantry Division.

Thai forces after mounting a counter attack destroyed Myanmar forcing them back into Yangon by April 21st and taking the country on April 23rd after a large portion of the army defected and killed the president. Thai forces now moved back to China pushing north again coming within 20 miles of Kunming on April 29th.

Vietnam had halted its advance and in some areas, had been pushed back, the North line pushed back into Geiju and the East to Fangcheng. However these lands were retaken quickly with renewed morale from fresh Thai troops.

Turkey pushed Korea to near collapse by taking Pyongyang and Wonsan on May 7th, Kaesong fell without resistance on May 11th and Turkey now regrouped to began a large assault on Seoul.
The Seoul offensive went smoothly, the city fell after light resistance on May 23rd and South Korea surrendered on the same day with its army destroyed and riots in the port of Pusan due to layoffs and forced conscription.
Now with Korea gone Turkey turned its full army onto China.

**End Part 6**

Part 7
Chinese-Turkish War

Turkey had been fighting China in minimal skirmishes before the Korean surrender and had pushed north into Harbin by May 22nd.
The Southern Army moved to take the border city of Dandong on May 23rd leaving Seoul immdiately. On May 25th the city fell after light fighting by Chinese forces who were late reacting to Turkish invasion not expecting Korea to surrender so quickly.

China was set up to fail by late May, being over extended and exhausted by fighting Thai and Vietnam forces in the south and now Turkey in the North, because of this Turkey started making swift gains moving deeper into China.

Turk Forces in Siberia move to take the only major supply city in the area, Chinese controlled Ulaanbaatar. The Siberian forces send 3 Infantry and 2 Tank Divisions stationed in Ulan-ude, Chinese resistance was surprisingly heavy, most of it coming from the 32nd Artillery Corps. After a week of bitter fighting and the loss of nearly all the 102nd Tank Division the city fell into Turkish hands on June 8th.

Turkish forces in the South reached Shenyang by June 8th, Shenyang was fairly heavily fortified but by this time Chinese morale was so low that most of its defenders either surrendered or retreated leaving the city fairly undefended, Turkey fully occupied the city by June 12th.
Chinese morale continued to falter as the Turks pushed towards Beijing, taking the city and naval base of Jinxi on June 22nd with only light skirmishes from special operations forces stationed there, most of the regular corps surrendered without much incident.

After another near 3 weeks of mostly mild resistance the Turks finally reached Beijing on July 12th, fighting in the outskirts were immediate and despite low morale the Chinese defending Beijing fought in bitter street fighting against the advancing Turks, after a few days of fighting with little gain, the Turkish Artillery Corps decided an ultimatum, telling the Chinese to surrender fully or the Artillery would open fire on the ancient forbidden city, destroying it entirely before stopping. China agreed to surrender.

Turkey annexed most of Northern China having a border just south of Wuhan. Thailand getting East Tibet and Vietnam getting most of the South Coast including Hong Kong.

Angry at Thai land incursions and taking Tibet, India declared war on July 16th and invaded through former Myanmar.

Europe began to destablise further as well, Romania warring Belarus and Germany invading Belgium.

Germany controlling France and its home land began a two pronged assault into Belgium, sending a force from Paris in the south and Koln from the east easily overwhelming Belgian forces reaching Brussells in less than a day and fighting on its outskirts July 17th.
Despite the fast gains the German forces did meet massive Belgian resistance mixed with Dutch volunteer troops who both planned a counter attack.
Belgian forces attempted a massive counter-offensive on July 19th but it ultimately failed with nearly 100 000 Belgians killed. Germany kept up the pressure fully surrounded and beseiging the city which finally fell on July 21st, the Belgian government surrendered later that same day.

Romania is set back quickly, Belarus taking Rivne and Zhytomyr with large surprise attacks.
Romania attempted a counter-offensive out of L'viv which Belarus was ready for and stopped before pushing and taking L'viv from the Romanians by August 14th, the same day with Romania distracted Belarus sent a small force to take Chernivtsi.

Thailand meanwhile had launched a counter attack against massing Indian troops stalling there advance west of Mandalay on August 15th and pushing them to the Irrawaddy River where a long battle would commence as India refused to cede more land and Thailand continued to try and dislodge them. The Battle of Irrawaddy would claim nearly 250 000 casualties.

Belarus pushed farther south fighting at Bistrita taking it on Sept 6th, Romania mistakenly thought that Belarus would concentrate fighting in the West reinforcing that front, Belarus to everyones surprise began huge attacks on the Eastern front pushing to within 40 miles of Bucharest by Sept 16th.

Romania wasn't able to scramble its Western forces to defend Bucharest in time as Belarus began attacking the city Sept 18th and despite heavy resistance the city fell 9 days later on Sept 27th.
This battle did significantly damage Belarus's army as the over week long fight claimed 80 000 Belorussian lives with a further 22 000 wounded.
Despite this, Romania was in worse shape and finally surrendered on October 1st, Romanian officials fleeing to Turkey and pleading them to take out Belarus.

Turkey agreed.

**End Part 7**

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