Realistic Multiplayer AAR

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Realistic Multiplayer AAR

#1 Post by LoganZombieOfTime » Apr 14 2016

Starts On Saturday with 3 players as of now. You can still sign up if you want.
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Re: Realistic Multiplayer AAR

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » May 03 2016

The first try at this did not work as Logan has a MAC and we could not get it to connect.

The second try did work and it was Zetangi, burock82 and myself.

burock82 = Germany
Zetangi = Japan
GIJoe597 = India

World 2020
We started with no units.

India starts with 9% unemployment, a debt of $1,734,408 and 6/3/5/6 fabs, the lowest of the three. India is also the least tech advanced of the three played nations. We have a shortfall of everything except Coal and Military Goods. Farms, Oil Wells, Coal Power plants were ordered to be constructed.

Immediate threats to us are China, high probability of attack, and Pakistan, medium probability. Starting with no units means we have a short grace period before China can commence hostile action.

In addition to the construction ordered, we made trade deals with several nations, exchanging Coal, which we have in abundance. Deals were made with Japan on a 90 day length. (I forget if I made any trades with Germany). We also offered Free Trade to Germany and Japan, both accepted.

Our goal for India was to put as many people to work as we could. More people working will mean more tax revenue to the treasury. Growing the treasury was essential, as we would need to reach out to other nations to fill shortfalls in our resources. The previously ordered construction was already bankrupting us, yet it was needed.

India starts with 4 research slots and deplorable ground unit designs. We could only build 1959 Light Infantry and 1962 Airborne. The most current Tank we could build was the 1994 Arjun MK1. We had the ability to produce the Mig-23 NIIR Flogger, a somewhat current interceptor as well as the PAK-FGFA an even more modern Multirole. Our must useful Tactical Bomber, was the 1972 MIG-27BM Flogger-D, and it was terrible.

We entered the following into research;
Depleted Uranium Munitions (+2% Ground attack values)
Active Armor Protection (opens up some units and leads to Modern Tank tech 07)
Urban Renewal (Infra rating + 4% and Law Enforcement rating +8%)
Consumer Recycling (Consumer Goods use -5% and Timber use -15%)

We were able to acquire some military designs from abroad and are producing ground and air units in anticipation of hostilities. We harbor no illusions about our chances should China choose to invade, we will, however, "go down swinging".

The game session ended on May 11th, 2020, 5 game months played. Currently Japan has the largest treasury with Germany being 6th and India 7th. That being typed, Japan has the second largest Debt with India at 5th and Germany at 6th.

There are no wars at all, despite starting at High Volatility.

I imagine our next session will have some lively events to report.

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