(Multiplayer) Luxembourg conquers Italy and Germany

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(Multiplayer) Luxembourg conquers Italy and Germany

#1 Post by Kristijonas » May 28 2015

That was a weird online game. The details:
Three players:
Luxembourg (me)

1936 year
dip/eco/mil difficulty: normal
approval effects: high
loyalty off
spheres off
weather off
diplomarines off
both spottings: off
fog of war: off
volatility: very high

When we started, I went on to ally everyone I could, started building gun empacement and research facility in Luxembourg, tried to trade for techs and become an otherwise successful small country. Germany and Japan felt suspicious of me, so they did not share all their techs with me and I supported opposition and funded insurgents in their countries.
Then some time later, Italy invaded Switzerland.
Like a good citizen, I sent 3 elite guards that I bought to defend Switzerland. (I only had 6 units at that time. The other three were engineers helping in constructing research facility).

A few months later, Italy, pissed with me helping Swiss, declared war on me as well. I, having bought more units, tried to take some little patches of land from both eastmost and westmost parts of Italy. Yugoslavia did not help me at all in the eastmost part of Italy, but France started helping me and me and Switzerland started to make some progress. Switzerland took everything to Milan and I started moving inland as well, trying to cut off Switzerland from going inside too far.

As I was doing that, Germany player declared war on me O_O I immediatelly started to scrap air base, barracks and research facility in Luxembourg so as not to leave them to Germany. At the same time I deployed all units in Luxembourg to entrench around a gun emplacement there. I also noticed Germany's military and domestic approvals were both below 10%! The player was also almost not attacking me, while I was expecting a blitzkrieg. Then after almost two minutes, France moved its armies to help me. They went through German forces like a hot knife through butter. Germany's small military approval led many of their units to defect to me and France.

At this point, I was accused by both players that I'm cheater :D Germany player left. However we discussed with Japan's player about what happened and cleared it out. The Germany's player was apparently playing for the first time so they were probably mismanaging their budget and military spenditure, which, together with me funding insurgency, led to their units desert. Also they did not know how to send all units to attack Luxembourg after declaring war, so it gave enough time for France to act.

The end result: Luxembourg conquers Germany and almost all Italy (All south from Milan). Got lucky with my decisions and allies did the rest of the work.
Uploaded savegame for anyone who would like to check the game: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi ... 3872852920
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Re: (Multiplayer) Luxembourg conquers Italy and Germany

#3 Post by Sawedoff » Jun 12 2015

Wow!! That is impressive, and hilarious. Nice work! 8)

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