It is Global Warming Comrade!!

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Re: It is Global Warming Comrade!!

Post by GreenGoblin »

Who are you being paid by tkobo? Either you're on someone's payroll or you seriously enjoy spending your time diligently diffusing misinformation. Have ever seen this website:

You may find it enlightening. :wink:
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Re: It is Global Warming Comrade!!

Post by tkobo »

..and the agw looneytoons are still lining up to show just how unstable they are....

*looney from oregon
A Tunisian man set himself on fire in 2010 and sparked an international movement. Don’t tell my family, but I’ve considered that route.
And you guessed it,she teaches.....

And the "news" org she sent this to...being good little followers of uncle als church of loonacy,published it.Did they notify the authorities ,that a woman with children who works teaching children has just publicly stated she thinks about burning herself to death ?That she "jokes" about doing it....Of course not....

*another loon from chicago
There is a theological prescription, in a classical sense, for what we must do: confession, repentance and change. In the case of what we are up against in terms of planetary destruction, those theological directives look like this: 1) Admit human caused, violently destructive climate change is happening. The harm to God’s creation is real, it is happening and human beings bear enormous responsibility for it.2) Repent for what we have already lost by inaction... action to stop what we have already done, and slow down future changes, is urgent. 3) Change personal practice and public policy...Individuals need to take responsibility as well, both to move toward less of a carbon footprint, and to vote for those who will make positive policy changes.
Yup, crazy uncle als church has many devote followers....

*and do they come more nuts then Krugman ?Well, yes,but thats another section...
You can deny global warming (and may you be punished in the afterlife for doing so — this kind of denial for petty personal or political reasons is an almost inconceivable sin)
Sadly,this guy is all sorts of looney

*loons in government...
Democrats control the Senate with 55 seats, and on Monday night into the wee hours of Tuesday they (circa 28 of them) staged a talkathon on climate change on the Senate floor.
All that "extra" electricity burned up,but at least it got one of their donors to give them $50mil for their re-election campaigns ...

Its true what they say, "The circus is always in town in D.C."

*more loons in government...
AU gov puts up an article telling people to sleep with their dogs,as a way of cutting down CO2 emissions...til the laughing starts,then the page gets taken down...If you know how, you can still find it though.

*and even more loons in government....
Filipino negotiator tells RTCC that his monthly ritual of fasting is helping him to secure a strong UN treaty on climate change
Fasting each month is now a ritual for Sano, who goes without food for two days. On the first of each month, he fasts as part of a wider movement among environmental activists

..and if the loons above dont give you enough to laugh at
You may be tempted to snicker at the irony that a discussion on climate change at the University of Windsor was called off due to Wednesday’s wild weather.
By record snowfall no less....

But sadly,the loons have eaten roughly $20 bil a year in the US alone,in government funds alone,for each of the last 5 years...All money pissed away on crazy ole uncles als scam....and that doesnt count crap like this..
... the IG’s office obtained a spreadsheet of 67,000 EPA transactions from Fiscal Year (FY) 2012, and randomly selected 69 transactions. They also selected 11 transactions that seemed inappropriate because of the merchant involved. For instance, some transactions were with merchants listed as dance halls, child care organizations, music venues and theatres. Of the 80 transactions sampled, 75 were for prohibited, improper, or erroneous purchases.
Its "good to be an environmental loony",apologies to mel.
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