MV-22 Ospreys deployed to Iraq!

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Re: MV-22 Ospreys deployed to Iraq!

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Due to the bengahazi screw-ups,the marines are founding a new “Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force.”This unit will consist of MV-22Bs ,marine ground troops,and some aerial tankers.No word on what the tankers will be,but likely c-17 or more ospreys.

Operations will be run out of locations like Italy,Greece,Spain, and a so far un-named location in africa.The units will have a reach of over 1000 miles,and be able to arrive in about 3 hours max.

The osprey is also about to become the 3rd safest and most reliable airframe in the marines history.Second in transport class to only the c-17.The marine helicopter the osprey is replacing had over 40 Class A mishaps during its first 200,000 hours of flight, opsrey MV-22B has had four.
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