F-117 nearing official retirement ?

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F-117 nearing official retirement ?

Post by tkobo »

I didnt remember hearing about this, but today i ran accross a few articles saying so.

Plan is to "replace" it with the F-22.

Apparenly the plane is 25yrs+ old,time flys when your old i guess as i hadnt really thought about just how old the aircraft was.

A really interetsing things is, just this year, the F-117 reached a true milestone.The aircraft reached a 100% mission capable statis. EVERY F-117 was ready for combat.
None of the aircraft were in need to reppairs or maintance that would stop them from performing.

Seems like an odd time to put them into the retirement line :P
But hey, "odd" is the "normal" of today i guess :lol:
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Post by Khorne »

Well it will be sad to see such a good bird go. i hope they put most of the fleet on display instead of scrapping thm all.
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