Does Supreme Ruler have merchandise?

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Does Supreme Ruler have merchandise?

#1 Post by SupremeAnarchist » May 27 2019

I noticed in InfinitumGamer's Room Tour video he had a SR1936 poster thats custom made, made I would like to know if BG sells any merchandise for the Supreme Ruler series? (such as shirts, posters etc.)

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Re: Does Supreme Ruler have merchandise?

#2 Post by Nerei » May 31 2019

I think those where made specifically for the release of 1936. I do not think there is any merch to buy as such.
I know the goat they also have used for promotional material is Chris Latour/Balthagor glueing action figure helmets on plush goats and I think everything else is similarly made in-house or bought for specific occasions.

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Re: Does Supreme Ruler have merchandise?

#3 Post by Erigorn » Jun 27 2019

We had some posters made in the past, and occasionally we do run a giveaway involving helmeted goats! I believe there may have been a merch store a long while back (before my time), however I don't believe it received enough traffic to justify keeping up.
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