What I made while waiting for SRU updates

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D.B. Cooper
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What I made while waiting for SRU updates

#1 Post by D.B. Cooper » Jan 09 2015

A project a year into the making is starting to come together. It will take several more years for this to be finished but I wanted to show off my first youtube video ever here, seeing that I first learned how to properly post on forums from the good people here a few months ago lol. I am progressing :)

Anyways this is one of the largest SimCity 4 regions ever made and is the only one I know of this big with a sat. map of the entire US. It consists of over 500 huge city tiles and took almost a month just to render each city, before ever placing the first road. Now a year later i'm ready to give a sneak peak at the region and will be posting more videos showing the actual cities zoomed in soon along with thier progress from empty land to what they are now.

Here is the link to youtube. Please hit the like button if it interests you, as the more likes I get the more motivation i'll have to keep going as this is the largest project I have ever worked on and can be overwhelming at times, thanks and enjoy!!!


Thanks again to all the awesome people here who have helped me out and givin me the confidence to share my experiences in gaming!!!
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Re: What I made while waiting for SRU updates

#2 Post by Anthropoid » Feb 13 2015

Damn that is big!

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