East vs West Paradox's new game

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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#16 Post by Drake420 » Jan 27 2014

Fistalis wrote:Meh, not a fan of the HOI engine anyway.. may as well be playing risk as far as the battles go..
Heh.. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about SR games..

As much as I want to love SR games, I can never get over the lack of combat realism & information.. It seems like all you really do in SR games is send a horde of units into enemy territory. Doesn't seem to be any effects of terrarin, or weather. Then you watch explosions and health bars..

In HOI there are soo many more factors.. From terrain, to weather, day & night, Military Doctrines, Supply, unit composition(combined arms), Frontage(no unrealistic super stacks), leadership, and more.

In HOI I have to think about what I'm going to do, deal with logistics through rough terrain with little infrastructure, etc.. I can also use my air forces to take out their supply lines in key locations.

Maybe I'm 'doing it wrong' in SR games, but I just don't see any of that depth at all.. So little information available, and what is available is hard to access.. Things like weather and terrain seem unimportant.. At the end of the day, it seems whoever has more armies in SR wins.

As much as I've tried to get into SR games and enjoy them, they never really seem to live up to my expectations.. I think Paradox ruined me for other strategy games.

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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#17 Post by Balthagor » Jan 27 2014

Just a point of clarification, weather is a feature that is "in development" for SR1936. There is no weather system in previous titles. Terrain does however have an impact.

And we still believe gamer's libraries are big enough for both series :)
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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#18 Post by Hundane » Mar 06 2014

A joint statement from BL Logic and Paradox Interactive!

http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/sho ... teractive!
Today it's our sad duty to inform you that it has been decided to cancel the game "East vs West". We at Paradox have the utmost respect for BL Logic and this is not a decision that has been taken lightly—quite the contrary—but ultimately we are a publisher and our actions and decisions must reflect that.

As the project has been severly delayed we dont think that open beta / early acccess could, within our desired timeline, meet the set criteria.

It has been a journey of ups and downs since we started the development of East Vs West back in May 2011. We wish each other nothing but the best with future endeavors.

We also would like to thank the developers for their hard work and their tremendous effort, as well as the fans for their long term commitment and their never ending support.

Yours sincerely
Fredrik Wester, Lennart Berg, Gellert Keresztes
I'm sorry but I have to laugh at some of the complaints on that thread. Some people who had no involvement in game what so ever feel like Paradox wasted their time for last few years. It must be nice to just sit around waiting for a game to be made. :roll:

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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#19 Post by GIJoe597 » Mar 06 2014

Hundane wrote:It must be nice to just sit around waiting for a game to be made. :roll:
Actually, it is. That is why so many of us are a consumer and not a developer. :P

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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#20 Post by Ruges » Mar 06 2014

So glad BG is not using Paradox anymore, this is where 1936 would be had they stayed.

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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#21 Post by Hullu Hevonen » Mar 07 2014

Well, I suspect that Paradox was paying for the development to some degree or somehow and that personel at BL-Logic had other work that maybe didn't allow them to put 100% into the project. So I guess Paradox wasn't satisfied with the results and decided to cancel the project. The case of BG to my understanding was that they developed the game independently/with minimal financing from Paradox and then gave a portion of the profits to Paradox.
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Re: East vs West Paradox's new game

#22 Post by The Khan » Mar 31 2014

I cant play SR2020 well but I still love 2010. Chris will hate me for exploiting his game to death.
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