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Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Feb 05 2014
by tkobo
a web site that still doesnt work, millions have their insurance canceled,you know the insurance those "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period" policies....

falsehoods about what would and wouldnt be funded under obama care...and ....who can forget that now famous moment when Rep. Joe Wilson (R) called obama a liar during obamas address to congress on obamacare....Rude for sure.But accurate for sure also.

..And how many new policy holders are there due to obamacare ?
"The automated process for payments is still being built, but we have a process in place that is working, and payments will be going out next week,” Cohen said.

“You have an anticipated date of when it’s going to be built?” Murphy asked.

“I don’t have an answer to that as I sit here, no,” he said.
Good people cant actually pay for the policies they "signed up for",one has to wonder....

Oh, and how well has the parts of the site that they now claim work,well,actually worked ?
Roughly 22,000 Americans have filed requests for the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) to fix errors in their health insurance coverage caused by glitches, but the computer program to process those 22,000 requests has yet to be built
The numbers growing fast and just wait til people actually have to use their "coverage".

And of course,talk and plans for an insurance company bailout are already progressing faster then the website work...

They tried to make housing a right,and caused the largest financial meltdown in decades,resulting in huge bailouts to banks and corporations.Now they are trying to make healthcare a right....and the plans for the bailout of the insurance industry are already well under way.... just cant fix crazy.

Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Mar 04 2014
by tkobo
...prison inmates now being signed up for obamacare, as well as illegal immigrants....AND still the program is hugely short of the target required for it to have even a remote chance of being financially sound.

And speaking of financially sound,10's of millions of dollars are now having to be spent by individual states to try and fix problems with the program.

And of course,still no accurate word from the government,on how many people of the government's reported figure are real paid signups,and not just accounts created on the website that never committed to a policy.....Or even an estimate on how many are openly fraudulent,as some Obamacare “navigators” have actually advised the people signing up with their help to commit such fraud....

Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Mar 07 2014
by Hullu Hevonen
Well the current system in the US is crazy bad. You guys spend over 17% of your GDP on your healthcare, the higest scoring country in Europe is Netherlands and France at above 11%, which have the best healthcare in the world. The problem is your healthinsurance, if a doctor knows you have insurance he knows he can send you to a bunch of tests and bill the insurance company. This rases the insurance price which the end user have to pay.

The same practice is used overhere but only a few say they have insurance or actually have insurance, so the doctors give a strait awnser that what your illness is and make one test. It's a similar story if you say you have insurance.

Obamacare won't fix the problem, forcing insurance to people is not good. And people seem oddly against it for its website and screaming it ain't working. Think of the amount of money you'll save with a proper healthcare reform, if you could halve your existing medicare spending with a refom then you would save hundreds of billions. People would save since they would'nt pay that high insurances etc.

Links: ... ay=default ... per_capita

Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Mar 12 2014
by bluestreak2k5
Yeah not sure where Tkobo has his sources from...

But there are some big changes coming to healthcare in US, and its not all because of "Obamacare". ... nding.html ... 389073908/

The biggest issue has been up until about 2002/2003 Health care spending in the Us was growing by 9-10% per year since whenever they started recording spending. Since then it has been dropping to a record low increase of 0.4% change from 2011 to 2012.

This now reflects changes in all estimates for things like CBO that tries to predict the effects of spending which used to use 9-10% as it was the average, and now they are using more like 4% as the average. Republicans then use this as a way to attack the CBO and democrats saying they are just playing with the healthcare numbers... when in fact its just statistics.

This becomes important because if you are trying to estimate the cost of Medicare for the next 10 years, and the average increase per year goes from 9% to 4%, or even lower... the amount of "estimated" expenditures/debt in those 10 years drops significantly.

But getting back to Nationalized health care... we will ACTUALLY finally know just how much it can save the US or cost the US thanks to Obamacare! Vermont felt that Obamacare was too complicated and a waste of money and is instead nationalizing the entire state's health care system and making it a state tax everyone pays for. ... 66221.html ... ealth-care

Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Mar 18 2014
by tkobo ... ctor-bills

ahhh,good thing he signed up and even paid his premiums :lol:

With Obamacare broadening the number of insured Americans, physician assistants and registered nurses will play a greater role in treating routine illnesses, giving doctors more time to focus on "really important cases," said one of the architects of the president's health-care law.

"We're going to shift what doctors do to the high end, where they are really valuable," explained Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D
... and so you can keep your doctor ( :lol: ) turns into...well, the nurse might see you......

Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Mar 18 2014
by bluestreak2k5 ... 06572.html

And my personal favorite actually happened to my cousin who I am very close with. She became pregnant in late 2012 was about 4 months pregnant when she was fired. Went on COBRA, then found a new job about 2 months later. She wouldn't be eligable for her new company insurance before her childs birth, so she sought private insurance, and was denied due to her pre-existing condition (pregnancy). She also couldn't go on her husbands companies insurance due to her pre-existing condition. This forced her to stay on COBRA (which is extremely expensive and covers so little).

Yay for our non Obamacare "healthcare system" right? Let's go back to it!!! WOO.

Like I said in my post, it isn't perfect, but it did fix a lot of things wrong with our system. And I would vote against repealing it, even if it were possible even though I know there are issues with it.

Re: Great Moments in Nationalized Health Care...

Posted: Mar 19 2014
by Hullu Hevonen
I wan't to cry when I see those stories and if I could I would send humanitarian aid to the US... is that really how bad thing are?