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#1 Post by BattleGoat » Jun 05 2002

What's your favourite game to play? and why?

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#2 Post by crazy_merch » Jun 05 2002


I used to play another game from canada, called "superpower" , it also looked promising, but in fact they launched a so called beta-version!
I just want to say to you:please take your time!!! Test,Test,Test and test it before you launch supremeruler because i love that kind of game since balance of power(on amiga) and it seems for me that supremeruler could be something revolutionary !!!

P.S. do you already know when we can expect a demo?

keep on working!!!


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George Geczy
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#3 Post by George Geczy » Jun 05 2002

Hey, I played Balance of Power too (on the Atari ST :smile: ), but all I remember is the world ending in Nuclear holocaust every time...

But don't worry, we plan to take all the time necessary to get it right. We won't let publishing schedules or artificial deadlines force an early release, our basic business plan is to work on it until it is done properly.

So far, each time we reached a question of "do it the quick shortcut way, or the harder way?", we've taken the second choice. (Lucky us!)

-- George.

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#4 Post by danc » Jun 06 2002

Steel Panther family for tactical.
Civ. for Empire building.
Shogun Total war for a balance between the two.
Close Combat series for online play.

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#5 Post by tkobo » Jun 06 2002

EFS was probably my most favorite game and my most biggest let down.
This game could have been perfect with just a few changes.

I really loved the setting,the diplomacy,the tech system,resource system and the many different units.
The setting is one of my fav's with Bab 5 being one of the only settings I like better.
The combination of the 5 different houses,the 3 empire branchs,the 2 alien races,the rebels,the church and the merchant league really allowed for alot of potential conflict,political manuvering(sp) and suprises.
The fact that diplomacy was a real road to victory was great.That you could garner and keep enough support to win the game with a vote was awesome in my opinion.It wasnt easy,but then it shouldnt have been.The many different types of agreements,trades and treaties was also awesome.
Diplomacy did unfortunately need some tweaking-covered later.
The tech system was very good.The tree was well though out and made sense.
The only improvement I could think of would have been to make it open ended in some way.So that you never ran out of something to research.
The resource system was very good also.The variety and combinations were very fun.the only changes I would have liked to see made to it would be an increased cost usage,so structure and troop numbers would have been more limited and therefore more important for the player to build the right thing at the right time.
The variety and amount of differnt units was outstanding.Every theatre was covered.There were untis for space,land ,sea,and air.Units that were for transport,scouting and combat.
With variations in all.

But the combat system needed to be changed so that we could actaully have a battle on the screen instead of just moving a stack of units into another, and having numbers decide everything.
Also the diplomacy system needed some tweaks and additions.It needed to have a bigger impact on the game.Treaties were forged and broken far too easily,with no real consequnce.
Planet populations were also a serious issue in that the AI would build something on every possible space of a world if given enough time.Then it would fill each building with the 20 limit stack of units,again if given enough time.This was tied into a problem in the resource system-
The resource system allowed far too many structures and troops to be supported/world.
I thought it was otherwise perfect.

Now this is based on the 1.40 patch version WITH the NOVA mod.
Oh and before i forget-I loved being able to create a plague on my foes planets by either biological weapons or destroying thier resource gathering capabilities.
Famine and plague on your foes, what could be more fun ?

(had wrong number down for patch version,silly me)

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#6 Post by BattleGoat » Jun 10 2002

Here's a few I've enjoyed :

XCOM UFO Defense
Civ II (Just haven't been able to get into III)
Panzer General / People's General
Worms Armageddon

of course the frequent foray into "Click Mania" with Age of Empires, Empire Earth, C&C etc...

and even the regularly scheduled bout of Counter Strike... nothing like shooting the ones you know :smile:
- David

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#7 Post by lemmy » Jun 11 2002

Emperor of the Fading Suns was certainly a great game, the idea was excellent, but the AI just sucked, very little diplomacy actually occured...and sometime the micromanaging was a real pain..

Fallout 1 and 2, IMO the best RPG's out there, also the first RPG's i played, so maybe i'm biased :wink:

Hitman, i generally don't like FPS, or RTS, or anything that you can win by just being faster than the other, but i just love the optoins you have in hitman, and the pace, there is no rush to do anything.

Alpha Centauri, of all the civ-like games, this is my favorite, mostly because of the diplomacy in there, and the ability to customize your units. Besides great gameplay it also has a great story with it.

GTA3...just for fun :smile:

Space Empires 4, for me one of the best empire building games, very moddable, but like most games, the AI is lacking.

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George Geczy
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#8 Post by George Geczy » Jul 01 2002

Here's my Hall of Fame for games (going right back to the beginning) that have taken away far too much of my otherwise productive time:

Starfighter, by Scott Adams Adventures, for the TRS-80 (~1982)- considering the graphic limitations to work with, still a lot of fun, a space shoot-em that kept me going until the disk died...

Castle Wolfenstein - no, not the 3D version, or the new version, I mean the original 1981 Apple version by Muse Software - this was a true classic. Stealth, rather than bullets, were the way to go. Though interesting variations of play were 'kill everyone' an 'kill nobody'. The 1983 sequel was good too, with the fun of being able to place a briefcase bomb to blow up the Nazi high command.

Empire, New World Computing/Mark Baldwin (1987) (Atari ST/et al) & Empire Deluxe (1993) - A strategy classic.

Wing Commander Privateer by Origin (1993) - Don't know why, but I got hook on this for a while. I didn't bother following the story line, I just like the mercenary mission aspect, much like Starfighter.

Panzer General, SSI (1995) - Lots of time spent on this one, and I even go back to it today. Though many people like PG II better, I still find the larger theater scale of the first to be more to my liking.

And, of course, the original Supreme Ruler for the TRS-80 (1982) :smile:

More recent mentions should go to Warcraft II, C&C Red Alert, Alpha Centauri, Age of Empires, and Empire Earth, all of which provided an excuse to win (or lose) in a friendly multiplayer environment...

-- George.

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#9 Post by 3iff » Jul 02 2002

Favourites were/are:

Jagged Alliance 2
Civ 2 (really don't like the look of Civ 3)
Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Empire (as played on an Amiga)
The Perfect General (Amiga)
Grand Prix 2
Capitalism 2

Currently playing Dungeon Siege

Also liked Settlers 1, Frontier/Elite and the TRS80 Supreme Ruler...honest.

I generally like games where I can spend time thinking before I lose...hate clickfest games.

Was also very intrigued by Superpower but the demo was a complete mess. So many things wrong with the game. I know you won't let that happen to your game...

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#10 Post by XeroMan » Sep 07 2002

Hmmmm, my favourite strategy games on the computer?
Five star series by SSI
Steel Panthers II
Close Combat
Axis & Allies (not against the inept computer! A simple game, but a classic)
Birth of the Federation
Pax Imperia
Warlords Franchise
Lords of the Realm 2
Conquest of the New World
Star Wars Rebllion (I know, I know...)
Age of Wonders

A wide variety, but they all touch on empire building. (except for the first three I mentioned which are tactical in nature)

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#11 Post by guyver » Oct 13 2002

Europa Universalis 1&2-I like history and strategy

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#12 Post by Balthagor » Oct 15 2002

I have to add Medieval: Total War to the list. I've been playing it for a few weeks now and find it thoroughly enthralling. Originally I had picked it up to see how another developer did some things but have found the depth of strategy to be excellent. I can spend over an hour setting up a single turn that takes me about 2 hours to play out. The interesting thing is that as I play it, I see areas where I think “we do that in much more depth with an easier interface!” Considering the level of success the game seems to be getting in the market, I see this as encouraging for games like ours as it shows that players are looking for games that they can actually spend time thinking about as opposed to boring tank rushes.
Chris Latour
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#13 Post by XeroMan » Jun 06 2003

Yes, I meant to shout. That is a really well done game. If you liked Europa Universalis, you'd love this WWII strategy game...

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#14 Post by Slash78 » Jun 07 2003

Hearts of Iron is a good game, but kind of buggy at times. I like the Panzer General and Steel Panthers series. I think if you combined Panzer General type game play with Steel Panthers attention to stats you would have a good game. Throw in some of Hearts of Iron grand strategy aspects and it would even be better. Maximize options while keeping things simple. Easier said then done. A lot of games go for simplicity and they are kind of weak, a lot of games go for maximum options and are way to compliated or have bad interfaces. Also, stats don't mean anything if they don't have a noticable affect.

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#15 Post by Mewshkin » Jun 07 2003

No-One Lives Forever 1&2
About the only FPS I've really been able to get into - the first was funny, the second had a nice tiny dash of RPG, both gave you options as to your style of play.

You can have no idea how much time I spent on this game - unless you've played it too.

Brilliant setting, lovely features, spoiled a little by the building times.

Airfix Dogfighter
Silly, fun game from the EU people, the campaigns are far too short and has little to no replay value - but very fun.

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