[SRGW/SRU] - Mod Realistic naval, artillery, aa range from 1900 to 2010+ - download included

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[SRGW/SRU] - Mod Realistic naval, artillery, aa range from 1900 to 2010+ - download included

#1 Post by vahadar » Aug 26 2017

v1.02 updated 2017/08/31
see next post for logs

Downloads and instructions
"Ready to play" cache and .UNIT files included for both SRGW and SRU. Put all files in their respective directory as seen in mod archive and start mod sandbox game.

For SRGW 1914 :
https://nofile.io/f/yp49hPNZKXO/SRGW-19 ... e+1.02.zip

For SRU 1936 :
https://nofile.io/f/KNv8NvjtQYe/SRU-193 ... e+1.02.zip

This mod introduce a new .UNIT file with thousands of modifications to have more realistic ranges for units from 1900 to 1955 and more.
I know BG made range not realistic for gameplay reason because of hex sizes (16km default size on equator) and hex firing range but still^^

This mod is meant to be played with enhanced range and spotting turned off.

All naval units attack range from 1900-1955's eras are fixed using maximum historical range for ship main gun when known (even when secondary gun range was higher), or finding it with maximal turret elevation for that ship and main turret gun type thanks to navypedia.org and navweaps.com

All AA gun ranges for AA and naval units between 1900-1955's are fixed. Maximum horizontal firing range is used for ground/naval attack range for AA units. Max AA ceiling firing range is used for air attack range of AA and naval units.
I left untouched the hard/soft attack values of AA units from last SRU update before the release of SRGW. Since SRGW release those values are lowered, which doesnt suit me.
After 1955 AA gun and naval range are ok.

All artillery/mlrs units weapon ranging from 1900 to 2010 are fixed matching real world stats using non-assisted ammunition (not ERFB, not ERFB-BB, not RAP, not VLAP...). Ie for post WW2, using max range for standard projectiles like M107 HE, L15A2 HE, OF45 HE and so on...
Not included in this archive, are the techs that another mod of mine is using to increase ranges simulating ERFB, BB, VLAP, RAP and some more ballistic extended range techs. Can provide .TTRX file on request.

Fixed speed of naval units added for SRGW 1914, since most are all wrong.

All carriers that have large gun turrets before Cold War are fixed, few of them even have quite some punch (Kaga ie). They can only fire at sea and not at ground target.

Some non searchable or buildable naval units from SR1936 and SRCW can now be researched/built in 1914 scenario (Bretagne, Courbet...). Non searchable or buildable naval units from SRGW 1914 remain the same (pre-war units).

Note :
All naval units previously available in SRU/SR1936 are available for SRGW 1914 with their 1930s' "modernized" stats.
All naval units introduced with SRGW 1914 are with their "as designed" stats in SRU-1936, unless stated differently in the updates logs.
Ie : Kongo, Fuso, Nagato and Ise class have 2 sets of units each, initial and modernized versions. In 1914 you will have the "as designed" versions available, then you can research the "modernized" versions. In 1936 you only have the modernized versions.
This is in early work as i need to review most interwar ships to update SR1936 stats for range.

This is still a work in progress, and if you spot wrong datas, let me know [_]B
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Re: [SRGW/SRU] - Mod Realistic naval, artillery, aa range from 1900 to 2010+ - download included

#2 Post by vahadar » Aug 26 2017

Updates logs for both SRU and SRGW versions

2017/08/27 - 1.01
It seems my fix on some BBs were rolled back. Now fixed with different stats for 1914 and 1936 when available (for range at least) :
Andrea Doria
Cont di Cavour Class
Iron Duke
Imp. Queen Elizabeth Class (renamed Queen Elizabeth Class for SRGW)
Almirante Latorre
Bretagne Class
Courbet Class
New York (only available in 1914)
New York Class (only available from 36)
Mississippi Class
Nevada Class
Florida Class
Sverige Class
Herluf Trolle
Jacob van Heemskerck
De Zeven Provinciën
San Giorgio

31/08/17 - 1.02
Many units corrected.
Added modernized version for Courbet and Bretagne class (still same unit id, only range differ between SRGW and SRU, will probably make a 2nd unit modernized version for SRGW)
Removed all subrangeattack of BBs, BCs, CCs, DDs that have torpedoes only. Attack values remain :
Previous mod version added naval sub attacks for naval surface units that had mines or torpedoes (BB, BC, CC and DDs). It is removed in 1.02 because submarine units are suffering too much. Early surface units with torpedoes keep their subattack values but attack range is 0km. Only DD units with mines before 1914 or depth charges between 1914-36 are unchanged, and mines range is back to 1km. Might need double-checking.
Before calculation was made as follow : for each 1 tube of 356mm(14in) torpedo = 7.5 damage, 1*450mm(18in) = 12.5dmg, 1*500mm = 15dmg, 1*533mm = 17.5dmg, 1*610mm = 22.5dmg and so on
Mines : per 1 mine carried = 1 sub attack dmg, +5km sub attack range to simulate mine dispersion.

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