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Re: Qwerty's Modern Mod

#31 Post by sparky282 » Dec 18 2017

bob12333 wrote:
sparky282 wrote:Is there no way I can build my own cache file using this mod?

every time I try it takes like 10sec's then if I do use the file everything in game is screwed up!
Yeah I've tried too as well. the game keeps on getting screwed up. Also does anyone know how to edit alliances in the game (like which files I would I need to edit and the layout of the files as well as - I think it is the OOF file but I don't understand the layout )? IF I could I would fix this mod so that Montenegro is in Nato. Also make North Korea aggressive.

theres no way you could do that without a new cache anyway and qwerty has been absent since October :(

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Re: Qwerty's Modern Mod

#32 Post by Breznev » Jan 12 2018

i have SRU version 9.1.38
and i was download your mod v 1.25 and i was install it
but nothing change when i enter sandbox There is no mod ??
plz help and thx

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