Question about modding scripted events

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Question about modding scripted events

#1 Post by bob12333 » Dec 04 2017

Can someone help me understand events. Why are there two event spots? One that says eventime*1440 and then the other one that says eventtimewind*1440. What is the difference between them? Also what does the numbers mean in them? For Example 7200 in eventtime and 14400 in eventimewind? IN the directions it does just says and I quote "eventtime,
Integer value, minimum number of days before event can occur
days are multiples of 1440. 7200=5 days
Integer value, maximum number of days past eventtime that event might occur
days are multiples of 1440. 7200=5 days"

How does 7200 = 5 days? Also if it were 8012160 in eventtime and eventimewind in 864000 what would do those mean? I'm asking cause I'm trying to make a sandbox mod of 1956 (though it probably won't be 100% accurate because trying to figure out who researched or has researched technology up-to 1956 is too hard hahaha for I don't want to make 1 country too technologically advanced accidentally! hahaha.

Or would it not be worth it? Because I don't have too much time on my hands and there are alot of events to try to make happen or change event time that they happen at? I would love to make a sandbox version of cold war but starting at 1956 not 1949 (closer to yom kippur war, six day, cuban missile crisis, etc- but so many things need to be changed).

OR would anyone be interested in helping me ? We can divide up the parts in a private message and stuff. I wish they would make a later cold war sandbox version or atleast make it an open project where we can help out alot they would more detailed like the events and other stuff.

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Re: Question about modding scripted events

#2 Post by dax1 » Dec 06 2017

every day is made of 1440...ok? couse 1440 =24(hours) * 60 (minuts)=1440
so, if game start 06 december eventtime =0 (the day after the eventtime will be 0+1440 =1440)
1 event in Xmas day have eventtime =(25-6)*1440=19*1440=27360

if you set this one the event can happen between eventtime day and (eventtime+eventtimewind)
so if game start today (06 december)and u want the event between Xmas and the first day of new year u must set event 27360 and eventimewind 10080 (7days between Xmas and 1/1) *1440.
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