AI is still broken

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AI is still broken

Post by gevans »

I recently started playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate again and there is still the problem of AI controlled countries running out of oil within a few years of game start.
They will not do anything about it, they build few if any oil wells or anything else to rectify the problem.
They will keep building units, especially arty till everything grinds to a halt because by then there is no oil and then that's it.......they no longer move.
Started in 1936 and by 1940 - 41..... Germany and others were basically paralyzed.

Can't the AI be instructed to build the resources they need the most and maybe cut back on building units if they have too many and can't run them ?
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Re: AI is still broken

Post by Micheal Berg »

Hi gevans, support for SRU has stopped after the last update a while ago, so your best bet is to post this as a suggestion for a future SR game title
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