Mig's speed, Unit stats balancing ideas

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Re: Mig's speed, Unit stats balancing ideas

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sparky282 wrote:
May 29 2020
Nerei wrote:
May 28 2020

I am not going to go to the lengths of installing 2020 to check but I am fairly certain some of these are from back then.
E.g. I would very much be surprised if both the M1A1 Abrams and T-55 where added later given how prolific they are today. I would also assume the T-54-2 which has 28 ground defence is a 2020 original as quite a few regions have it.
Nearly all the modern-day stuff is 2020 original from what I remember that's the era I play in and I don't remember a huge amount of updates to the DB for ultimate
There was lots of stuff added by Zuikaiku and minor updates for things requested in the Cold War and 1936 development cycles. It's a big jumble.
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Re: Mig's speed, Unit stats balancing ideas

Post by Nerei »

I really cannot imagine you not including the T-54/55 family. It is by far the most manufactured tank ever. It is also quite prolific on the 2020 maps.

In the end though no matter who added the designs it does not change that a lot of modern western heavy MBT's really have quite poor ground defence compared to far lighter and in a lot of cases older vehicles.
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