Filterbuttons instead of dropdown menu?

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Filterbuttons instead of dropdown menu?

Post by Viranto »

I have watch some youtube videos of SRUltimate and see they have Buttons like in paradox game for every map, ressource, etc filter. This looks a lot more easier to use, then always go through the 3 dropdown menus and again to deactivate something.
How can i activate this button layout? Don't see a function in the option for these filter buttons. Or is this a mod?

I mean this menu:
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Re: Filterbuttons instead of dropdown menu?

Post by Balthagor »

That was changed about a year ago. As you can see from that image, there used to be 13 options below the map and another 14 in another panel beside. We are now have even more options. The pulldown become necessary and, as someone who played a lot of SRU, I could never find the right button to click anyway and had to read one tooltip at a time. It is not possible to go back to the old interface.
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