P51D Mustang Range

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P51D Mustang Range

Post by Snoutmaster »

It's WW2 and I am trying to provide fighter cover for my B17 Bombers so they can Bomb Europe. The P51D Mustang doesn't have the range I need to reach Berlin and make it back to Britain.
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Re: P51D Mustang Range

Post by GIJoe597 »

I have noticed its range is terrible in game. I can only assume they did not model its extra fuel tank capability. They would take off with extra tanks and burn that fuel making the crossing. They would not drop the tanks until the were engaging in combat.

"Merlin-powered P-51s, equipped with jettisonable drop tanks, had an operational range of more than 1,600 miles (2,500 km), and they mounted their first long-range bomber escort missions over Germany in mid-December 1943."

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Re: P51D Mustang Range

Post by Nerei »

There is a lot of possibilities for why the range what it is.

The problem is BG is not all that consistent with such numbers. Sometimes they use combat radius as moverange, sometimes they use combat range and sometimes they use ferry range.
The difference can be quite extreme.

Another problem is BG mixing up measurements. If you say find a surprisingly slow ship chances are BG have used its speed in knots.
In this case the numbers for some variants does not look terrible if you go with miles so it is possible that is the reason.

Also I am not sure what version the first available P-51 Mustang represents but likely being an early variant powered by an Allison engine you probably want to look at it also as it has the exact same range as the D variant which is not accurate.

This site lists the ranges for different variants of the P-51 with and without droptanks. That should be a good place to start. Keep in mind though that the numbers are imperial and not metric.


Just to get the ID's listed also they are 9704 for the P-51 Mustang and 9756 for the P-51D Mustang.
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