Help me fix my broken economy

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Help me fix my broken economy

#1 Post by Cdiplayer » Sep 08 2019

Hey all, I've been playing a game of the SRU 1941 campaign as Japan. I opted to go the pacifist route, but around the 1980s my economy started running into problems so I decided to grant my colony of Manchukuo independence and swap over to playing as them using the multiplayer option. I have two goals with Manchukuo, one: increase my GDP per capita as much as possible, and two: increase my treasury. I've posted screenshots of all my economic data over at this link I have a surplus in most goods, but I'm still losing money, and my GDP per capita is stagnant at around 2100. Ideally I'd like to figure out a path to crank this up to 30,000 by 2020. Anyone have any ideas? See anything I'm doing wrong?

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Re: Help me fix my broken economy

#2 Post by evildari » Sep 23 2019


too much education, very high taxes, very high healthcare (at least for current situation)
if your trade income is somehow stable at those 150M$ then reducing education to zero should help you get even.
High markups for any goods can also help (increase the ones first which have production costs near or higher than the market price)
depending on your interest rate you may reduce debts (>4%) or try to increase gdpc
if you are in for the long term you may try deficit spending - i once managed to make an insane amount of debts over decades - but after an half century i could start repaying my debts in just a few years

and make sure your mar is high before the next election :D
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