Holy crap the Basque don't mess around

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Holy crap the Basque don't mess around

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So I made a mod that adds a bunch of European separatist movements like the Basque Country, Occitania, Transdniestria, Donetsk, Luhansk, etc. to the game and, after liberating the Basque Country from Spain and France within 3 years they had built up one the largest armies in Europe! So large in fact, that the majority of it has to be deployed in their ally Occitania's territory!
I'm very impressed, as it didn't occur to me to give the Basque Country Israeli-like AI, but I think it definitely adds to the realism. I can imagine if the Basques ever got their independence they would be very fierce about protecting it.
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Re: Holy crap the Basque don't mess around

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Re: Holy crap the Basque don't mess around

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These folks have been waiting for their independence for a helluva long time, they're gonna stay ready to keep it.... not basque in their success.

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