Single Player vs. enemy AIs

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Single Player vs. enemy AIs

#1 Post by veteran2306 » Nov 13 2017

I used to play the SR 2020 global map - single player.

I observed back then that most of what was widely attributed to "AI" or Defense Minister (DM) intelligence was actually just the ant-like actions of the units themselves. If enemy units did not see your units they would not attack.

There was no AI strategic DM who provided tactical or strategic guidance to enemy units.

This would cause problems like:

1. No enemy cruise missile attacks.
2. No enemy nuclear attacks (since there was no DM to arm the weapons).
3. Missiles sold or donated to allies could not be used (since the missiles arrived un-armed).
4. No organized attacks on enemy capitals (the DM of country A had no idea where the capital of target country B was, even in Capital Capture Mode).
5. Air-mounted missiles firing themselves.
6. Aircraft being armed with inappropriate missiles.
7. Ships independently returning to their home-port.

Have these problems been fixed since SR 2020?

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