Austria CW Orbat

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Austria CW Orbat

#1 Post by greekdim » Feb 17 2017

If I look at the ColdWar.OOB, Austria should have its own orbat file, 1404CW.csw, which, at least in my game files, doesn't exist. Looking in multiplayer mode a save from a cold war sandbox game (year 1950), I found out that Austria has no unit production capacity and no units (logical without orbat to define). So how it is supposed to work with Austria? The same happens with W.Germany, its orbat file 1489CW is missing but at least it has unit production capacity. Also for W.Germany there is an orbat file 1389_1489CW, how it is supposed to work for W.Germany? If someone could clarify I would be grateful, thank you.

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