Annexion / Colonize capability

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Annexion / Colonize capability

#1 Post by raybaudi » Dec 21 2014

Hi there...

Lots of fun while playing today... you finally made those artillery's barrages something fearful considering most of good units back in '36-'39 were soft infantry.

Anyway, while continuing my campaing as Italy in 1936, I managed to defeat Greece but the game stated it was not possible to colonize them but only and ultimately annex them.

Why would be it like this?

I wasn't planning to absorb all of Greeks needs and now I'll have to.. :lol: :wink: ...

Thank you

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Re: Annexion / Colonize capability

#2 Post by Balthagor » Dec 21 2014

I assume you were playing in Campaign? The campaigns have restrictions based on the expected storyline.
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