2020 - South Korea

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2020 - South Korea

Post by IHateThinkingUpNames »

Has anybody else encountered a seemingly unstoppable South Korea in the 2020 maps?

Whenever I start a new game, it almost entirely ends up being decided by whether North Korea signs an alliance with China or not.... if not, my game normally goes as follows:
  • North Korea invades South Korea, or vice versa. Things begin to go in NK's favour until about 3-4 minutes in when they run out of military goods. You may think, "just give them more!"; in a game as Russia I was giving them 100,000tns every few days. Despite being well supplied, the North begins to succumb to the superior hardware of the South.
  • South allies with Australia, Japan etc, making South Korea even stronger. No matter how many tanks and APCs I give to NK, the South always prevails.
  • North Korea falls, South Korea then attacks China.
  • China pretty much gets destroyed without even putting up a fight - it takes awhile but China just seems to drop city by city until it's eventually annihilated. (This is the bit I dislike most - the fact that China just doesn't go on an offensive; everything else is realistic up to this point...)
  • South Korea, now bolstered by an extra billion citizens (no biggie!) then invades Russia - a huge battle takes place but the South & its allies slowly move further in to Russia.
Needless to say it's pointless playing any further once China is on its knees and South Korea reaches Siberia.

So I guess in summary my question is, does anybody else have a similar problem to the above? As far as I can see, the only real problem is that China is too ill-equipped to do anything. I've seen them struggle against Tajikstan before.......... China seems very effective when its fighting any wars but its own.
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Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by Ater »

I have seen South Korea be quite unstoppable before. I like to play as Japan and take a small piece of the north. They declare war on china only a few weeks after the fall of NK. They may be supposed to do this though.
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Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by medic911 »

I saw the south do very well 90% of the time or so in the older game. In this game, the only time that i played the modern scenario, the south was steamrolled. (japan then invaded the north a few years alter and conquered all of Korea and annexed it).

As my ROK game in the cold war scenario, I only survived through SUT dealings and max garrisons.
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Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by Cdiplayer »

I have seen North Korea crush the south before. I would say about 70% of the time the South wins though. I do agree that China seems to weak. They almost never consolidate their forces for some reason.

Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by MrRipper »

I know why... China declares war, send all their forces to the border with turkmenistan, uzbekistan, etc. Troops get out of supplies and China can be taken over. My last game without starting units (else game too slow) Thailand took China all by themselves and i watch what was going on without fog of war. Hundreds of chinese troops out of supplies in west tibet zone.

This is still te way the ai behaves, if you declare war or they declare they send all their forces once you take ground. Either you kill them and after that its boringly easy or you get owned cause you underestimated the troop size. If you have good planes you win the war way too easy.

Gameplay realy need to be more intellegent/creative ai. Forget about bigger or more beautifull we all want good gameplay.

I really like the game but they should improve the ai intellegence big time so its actually a strategy game.

Just my 2 cents. If the goats need a creative director i aint expensive and i actually play the game, cause i think not much developpers play.

Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by MrRipper »

IF they send all their forces with an idea ok.. but first light infantry then tanks and then all their recon, when they done with that they suicide some of their artillery sometimes. No clue how to defend or attack. Thats not strategy.

edit: Heres a suggestion which doesnt seem to be too complicated for me. AI doesnt move out of supply zone 3 hexes away. especially not hundreds of troops...
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Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by mfisher12 »

I just finished a game as Egypt, and I was quite shocked to get the message that China had fallen to South Korea.

This is not even close to being something that would happen in reality. I realize this is a game, but c'mon. Korea does not have the resources or manpower to even think about occupying all of China.
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Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by Rawlings01 »

Agree i play as UK and China had fallen before my task force had got to India to help out and when i set the relations to very hot the South were able to beet China,North Korea and take massive amounts a Russia while beating up Vietnam.
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Re: 2020 - South Korea

Post by Rosalis »

The big disadvantage for North Korea is lack of cities. To compensate for this, you could mod some more defensive facilities, but problem is North Korea will be out of troops by the time South Korea start advancing with superior quality in troops. Its very hard for the ai to capture that cluster of cities arround Seoul. North Korea got the numbers, but it will easily get slaughtered by stacks of infantries when they reach those cities.

In patch 9.1.250 you can load North Korea and entrench some units in the cities, together with Chinese and Russian if you want. Then that war will go on for a very long time and you play your own region. Not rly a good solution, but best i can come up with.
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