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Supreme Ruler Ultimate Release Changelog

#1 Post by George Geczy » Oct 21 2014

From the last Early Access versions into the Current Release versions:

Updated December 20, 2018

Version 9.1.114
  • Map Editor and Modding Features:
  • Map Editor Procedural Generation Added
  • Map Background and Minimap automatically generated for custom maps
  • Map background (water) colour now defaults to blue not green
  • Sandbox, Campaign and Scenario changes:
  • Added new Brazil and Chile leaders
  • Added rubber plantations to Liberia
  • '36 techs updated
  • Map fixes to modern map
  • Falklands Scenario Fix
  • Map fixes to 1936 map
  • Renamed Manufacturing Improvements '16 to Early Manufacturing
  • Change croatian/austrian battlezone in 1936
  • Added Uranium deposits to UK (modern day sandboxes)
  • Added nuclear missile techs to UK (modern day sandboxes)
  • Addex X group to Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo + Slovenia & removed T group
  • Map fix for 2020 maps (lone Argentinian air fab)
  • UI Updates and Changes:
  • UI fix for quality indicator on missile designs
  • Added location of units in diplomatic trades, other minor hap changes
  • Various unit picnum fixes
  • New Nerei Textures (M110, M270 MLRS, UH-1, UH-60JA, SH-60J)
  • Added scrap all node facilities in hex, accessible through UI (Hotkey <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Z>)
  • Added scrap all transport in hex (Hotkey <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <X>)
  • Hap fixes (Iconized Supply Header in land department)
  • Updated GUI level for trump scenarios to use Modern GUI
  • New Map option, capital stars show relationship values
  • Game Engine Changes:
  • Fix rare crash bug where unit paths or targets can be set off-map (-ve y)
  • Fix formation move over X0 (date line)
  • MPSAVE / MPAUTOSAVE file names now start with lobby name
  • Some more adjustments to "Windows Activate" to address some rare alt-tab issues
Version 9.1.85
  • Fixed Custom Map / Map Editor support for no Backmap image
  • Support High Definition (HD) Imagery Tiles on/off, change filename prefix
  • Updates for Building Caches - Cache will build with correct name and add to \Cache dir
  • Wait dialog shows when building caches
  • Lobby Scenario Setup option for forcing new cache build
  • Added 'nocontinents' game setup key - for custom maps
  • Changed WORLDVERSION to 401 really this time
  • Mapeditor fixes and minor updates
  • Options now saving : ovhide3dterrain, bcapstarrel, buse2dmesh
  • 2D mesh game option added - switch between old 2D and new 3D unit pictures
  • Revised visual/sizing of 3D unit pics - custom for leg, upgrades.
  • Minor UI Fixes/Improvements
  • Updated Poland Leader (Modern)
  • Updated Pakistan Leader (Modern)
  • Added Rio Negro Bridge to modern maps
  • Added rubber resources/plantations to Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil (São Paulo), Colômbia (Borgata), Guatemala and C’ote D’Ivoire to reflect modern markets and to reduce Malaysian control over rubber
  • Added Russian towns/villages to Global Crisis and Cold War maps
  • Added events to change Saudi-Canadian relations in modern maps
  • Set ISIS at war with Syria & Iraq in world 2020 & 2018
  • ISIS has been removed from the 2018 sandbox
Version 9.1.76
  • New Trump Rising 2018 Sandbox!
  • Fixes and additions to existing sandboxes and campaigns (1936 & Modern)
  • Updated leaders for recent changes and elections
  • Regional data and relationship updates in all maps
  • Significant AI updates around idle units, artillery units, and more
  • Naval AI improvements including patrols and idle unit handling
  • Performance improvements on maps with large numbers of units
  • Resolved 3-month AI deployment issue
  • Many UI updates and improvements, including more accurate unit pics, leader pics
  • Resolved crash if all audio devices disabled
  • Added active-focus option for windows in background
  • AI Improvements in facility building, facility repair
  • AI will now build research facilities
  • Map Editor and Content Editor Tool Support!
Version 9.1.59
  • Campaign Lobby Game-Settings Changes are remembered with game launch
  • New Game Lobby Option - Allow Road/Rail Scrapping
  • Better positioning of some popup elements (stays on screen)
  • Some Sandbox and Campaign event fixes
  • Fixed loading game files that start with an #include directive
  • We welcome Discord to our Social Media menu options
  • We welcome the new Mexican President to Supreme Ruler!
Version 9.1.54
  • Resolved possible crash issue running older save games in newest builds
  • Fixed obscure world market pricing issue in long term games
Version 9.1.52
  • Significant revision to economic model from 1936 to 1949 (resource stability)
  • Minor equipment list updates
  • Adjustments to Weather system
  • Map Fixes (facilities, resources) (1936, 2020)
  • Objective message fixes
Version 9.1.49:
  • - Units will use Rail Transport when available
  • - Subject to Game Setting and Defense Dept ROE
  • - Rail transport is constant speed, no fuel use, no eff/morale penalty
  • Rail efficiency increased in supply model
  • Updated Colombian Leader
  • Some Equipment list updates
  • Adjusted starting World Volatility to Low in WWII Campaigns
  • Fixes to Campaign Lobby list
  • SRU - New Scenario Added - "Battle of Russia"
  • SRGW DLC - New Scenario Added "Brinkmanship"
Version 9.1.43
  • Made Israel and Palestine at war at start of GC2020
  • Fixed gun emplacements not firing
  • Correction to prereqs of tech 1098 - Improved Aircraft Alloys
  • Updated South African leader for 2020
  • Created tooltip for last day trades
  • Fixed aircraft capacity
  • Uranium deposits in Egypt fixed
  • City nameplate size adjusted
  • Player name added to relations tooltip for Multiplayer
  • Fixed unit prereqs that gave France a 40 year tech advantage (WW2 Sandbox)
  • Fixed Regression error introduced in .39 MP Fix regarding Research Eff costs
  • (Revised Research Efficiency/Tech Level formula)
Version 9.1.40
  • Added additional lumber mills to Russia and increased their starting supply for the 1914/1917 start
  • Italian troops are now deployed for the 1917 start
  • Relationship changes in the 1914 sandbox
  • Added additional military goods to the USSR for the 1936 start
  • Gave Tibet units and a barracks for 36 start
  • Fixed Yugoslavia world availability in the Cold War start
  • Added Uranium to Egypt in 2020/2017
  • Removed ISIS from the 2020 sandbox but kept loyalty
  • Additional leader pics for 2017 and 2020
  • Mapfixes for 2020 and 2017 sandboxes
  • Adjusted Middle Eastern relations for 2017 and 2020
  • Adjusted some DoWs on Italy for WW2 Sandboxes
  • Added hotkey for minimap
  • Added popup for alert settings
  • City name plates changed to region name at far zoom
  • Added Multiplayer names to region name plates
  • Resolved MP Sync issue with TR/MA maps (powf() value inconsistency)
Version 9.1.38
  • Additional Unit Meshes
  • Some Text / Localization and Map Fixes
  • Resolved rare division by zero error in long-term games
  • Added compatibility to Supreme Ruler Great War DLC
Version 9.1.37
  • Change of Language (French/German/Spanish/English) no longer requires restart
  • Fixes to some Leader pictures
  • New Meshes (7) courtesy Nerei
  • New modern units added to equipment list
  • Minor map data changes (region colours)
  • Fixes to WWII Campaign events
Version 9.1.36
  • Audio fix - if unit sound doesn't exist for Strategic or A-A, will use default sound
  • Content: Fixed AA sound in Equip list for older units (pre-1957) from missile to AA gun
  • Added support for roe-use-chem-tactical and bchem artillery
  • ... (Chemical Artillery, and Chemical Weapon Rules of Engagement)
  • Game Engine Compatibility with SR Great War save games
  • Support for multiple WMDATA files - 'dayswmlevel:"
  • Support for TECHEFFECTGARRISONTYPE (96) - 8 garrison types (unitgarrison:)
  • ... (Garrison unit types will improve over time, tied to tech advances)
  • Fix issue where facilities (ie Land Fabs) don't get properly set to region after grouping
  • ... (Issue with a few regions where their unit production capacity appears as zero)

Version 9.1.25
  • Added missing TrumpRisingDLC event files to Sandbox/MP directories
  • ... (should resolve some relationship issues and also MP Sync issues)
  • Added targetmileffadj / targetmilmoraleadj values to CVP data
  • Fixed Event 73 for adjusting target military efficiency / morale
  • Fixed where research queue items at start of game cannot be removed from queue
  • Content: Rebuild modern scenarios due to Trump DLC files (fix relationships)
  • Content: Some 1936 and 1949 known tech fixes (UK, West Germany)

Version 9.1.24
  • Added additional video resolutions - 1366x768, 2880x1800, 3200x1600, 3840x2160
  • Updated Mac OSX engine to CX version to resolve framerate issues
  • Changed dpiAware "per monitor" in Manifest (high DPI scaling issue)
Version 9.1.23
  • Resolved weather-related MP sync error on non-fresh start games
  • Added support for MP kick, Game name display/transmit
  • Games in progress will no longer show in lobby
  • Updated MultiPlayer UI
  • Fixed cache-creation upgrade-on-river bug introduced in insider build
  • Graphics optimizations - more efficient drawing of meshes with shotpoint
  • Graphics optimizations - Reduced use of vertex buffer flushes
  • Graphics optimizations - optimized map zoom default values (options reset needed)
  • Content fixes - 1942 German/Russian orbats, Ireland 2020 leader, etc
  • Resolved Insider Build Audio issue - rare crash with too many simultaneous sounds
  • Resolved Music Volume set to zero issue
  • Content fixes - George HW Bush, etc.
  • Known issue: Music off in Mac version may have audio clicks; defaults to off
Version 9.1.12
  • Increase PPL max id from 2399 to 4999 (reserve 4000 range for modders)
  • More checks for valid ppl id ranges in scripted events
  • Updated Compiler and optimizations for performance improvements
  • Updated DirectX Engine code for performance improvements
  • Updated Steam SDK
  • Replaced Miles Sound System with XAudio2
  • Replaced MP3 files with newer xWMA format
  • Content: deployment of Syrian troops fixed in SR2020
  • Content: text fixes in language translations
  • Replacing DirectPlay with Steam Networking
  • Support for Steam Lobbies (beta development)
  • Removed support for LAN networks (must create Steam Lobby)
  • Player Name length extended to 31 char max (from 15)
  • Fixed MP speed set issue with wrong icon speed showing
  • Fixed MP pause/restart issue when running at slow speeds
  • Added "cheat trumpme" (add or subtract $1 trillion)
  • Increased maximum number of battlegroups to 250 from 99
  • Slight adjustment to goods base pricing of low gdp regions with low production costs
  • Adjusted sequence of loadgamefix cache creation code - to deal with some orbats issues of grouped regions
  • Resolved rare division by zero treasury error when region falls
  • 36 New models courtesy Nerei
  • Leaders and Governments updated for 2017 and 2020
  • Regional Relationship fixes and updates
  • A number of Mapfixes (facilities, etc)
  • Equipment List Updates
Version 9.0.75
  • Resolved a crash caused by bad ShatteredWorld data with invalid parent region
  • Check and correct invalid parent region on loading games
  • Fixed a crash for invalid 'other' region in scripted events with certain event flags
  • Better error checking in scripted event processor for invalid regions
  • Resolved a potential issue with unification vote calculations when a region didn't rank
  • Increased number of mesh numbers supported to 4096; defined ranges for modders
  • Increased number of ugbits pages to 16 plus 1 for base (0) page for modders
  • Increased picnums max from 1024 to 4096
  • World volatility negative effects on relations and belli reduced and more gradual
  • Added volatility value to provocation calculation (up to double at max)
  • Updated Localtext for TechTree (missing Airplane and Trump tech text)
  • Added new unit models provided by forum user Nerei
  • Modern Scenarios (2017/2020 Trump) now included in core game
Version 9.0.73
  • Create Units events now respects "nounits on startup" for day 0 / fastfwd
  • Create Units event will only create reserve units if the base ownership matches region
  • High volatility now more likely to be applied against bordering regions
  • Content fix: Remove non-nuclear Silo ICBMs from equipment list
  • Content: Trump Wall and Trump Tower now require "Trump Ideology" tech
  • Content: Small changes to Aircraft techs
  • Content: No Syrian troops in the ISIS territory at start
  • Some relationship changes
  • Will maintain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as ISIS leader when starting as region
  • Emplacements can now be built, and can be garrisonned (modern maps); under 'transport'
Version 9.0.71
  • Fixed Social And Taxation screens using wrong datacode (icons)
  • Fixed orientation of Trump Wall to east-west
  • Some Adjustments to ISIL relations (world gets belli, Syria-ISIS, etc)
  • Fixed applyapproval code for handling approval penalties more consistently
  • US partitions have been given US Military Unit Availability
Version 9.0.70
  • Tactical nukes will now auto fire if missile & unit are set for opp fire & nuke use on
  • Cannot turn on launch authority for a Strategic Nuke (only Tactical)
  • Clear out product display data when a region dies (not in saves; visual only)
  • Supply unit over-deployment / repeat deploy attempt issue resolved
  • Supply units should attempt to refill cargo before departing on resupply mission
  • Improved some performance elements esp on single-player games
  • Exile regions with land but no urban hex will lose their land
  • Fix UI element in notifications and notification lists (flags, positioning of items, etc)
  • Fixed Fuel/Ammo "capture" when capturing water hexes
  • Adjusted Fuel/Ammo capture amounts based on total stocks
  • Content Fixes: Leaders for Modern World updated
  • GlobalCrisis.scenario now uses same CVP and RegionIncl as W2020 (unified)
  • Regional changes to Cypress, French Colonies, Falklands, Serb Republic, etc
  • ISIS and Kurdistan are now active regions
  • Map Fixes (Names, Facilities)
  • Russian North passage is now international waterway
  • Sea Transport "early unload" when passing port / land issue resolved
  • Unload command will preference pier/port and facing direction over other adjacent hexes
  • Can no longer load/unload planes onto ships if not at port
  • Fixed possible issue of colonies without parents if region file not complete
  • Units without a valid region now eliminated on load
  • Implemented AI Theatre Transfer list - better AI long distance pathing
  • Fixed/updated aistance / playeraistance use & definitions (may affect save games)
  • Aistance can now be set from Lobby Game Settings (AI defensive/aggressive etc)
  • AI election losses only cause full political shift on Volatility High or Very High
  • When not doing full polshift. AI election losses will align civ/dip rels
  • Greater use of high volatility settings
  • Exiled regions that return to life will be with same leader (no gov change or polshift)
  • AI Alliances will tend to be more spaced out
  • Minimap slides to right instead of down (more screen area)
  • New Facilities available: Trump Tower, Trump Wall
  • Equipment List adjustments and changes as suggested by Zuikaku's Mod
  • Default Volatility levels increased for some sandboxes (GC is now Very High)
Version 9.0.53
  • Resolved possible overflow calculation issue with unusually high tax rates
  • Now preventing taxation from exceeding 95% overall total
  • Tech Level exponential cost increase reduced after 1980, capped at 2100
Version 9.0.52
  • Diplomatic Actions Against were not affecting DAR/MAR, now fixed
  • Crash bug fixed when scenario without Steam Achievement code has Victory
  • State Actions fixed (reversed) fund govt / fund opposition icons.
  • "Global Defcon" restriction for Superpowers removed
  • Spacebar added as alternate Pause key (in addition to Pause and <P>)
  • Localizations (French, German, Spanish) made available in beta form
Version 9.0.50
  • In High volatility, more use of variability in AI decisions on alliances, wars
  • In increased volatility, more chance of AI attacks against protected (sphere ally) regions
  • Volatility increases movement of diplomatic relations and belli over time
  • Idle wars will improve relations and reduce belli over time
  • treatyintegrity and externalintegrity will gradually increase (dip difficulty related, civ appr too)
  • Belli is gained against largest army / largest build cap (2020 style, reduced)
  • wmapproval and subsidyrate gradually rise over time, based on civ approval
  • AI consider idle war in peace offers (prevent endless wars)
  • Ruler AI - "nosphere" game option expanded to more alliances / war calculations
  • Improvements to some random factors
  • Petrol, Electricity, and Finished goods production & use multipliers will gradually increase from SR1936 to SRCW/2020 values (10x and 20x) over 10 years
  • Node production will slowly increase/decrease if less/greater than world demand (not U)
  • Fixed bug preventing regions selling colony stocks to market (ie rubber) causing hoarding
  • Increased AI frequency of trade offers for goods with incoming trade source (ie colony)
  • AI regions will offer los/transit/mutualdef first before an alliance offer
  • More possibility for AI regions with smaller armies to declare war in "gang up" situation
  • Greater emphasis to ally / war with bordering regions
  • greater use of aistance (.scenario file) and playeraistance (.cvp file) for decisions
  • Clean up AI thread random number functions to new standard
  • Belli no longer has gradual decline on maps with AI stance above normal
  • If govt falls in AI region that is not part of superpower alliance, then major policy and relations shift (except if volatility is lowest)
  • Reported region-fall crash fixed, somehow. Original cause unknown.
  • AI regions-not-at-war issue with not researching units resolved
  • Minor UI fixes related to UN territory
  • Games will begin with a wider range of election dates starting 2 years out
  • US Election dates now progress when leader doesn't change
  • State Department democracy ETT now shows polls of inspected region properly
  • Considerable refactor/fixing of AI Region Enemy/Offer Peace code
  • Fixed issue where AI Regions would negotiate with colonies instead of parents
Version 9.0.42
  • Fixed some code and HAPS re new game lobby options
  • Removed "Regional Units" game option, not properly implemented
  • Added Rename Region and Rename Hex data/action codes
  • Slight Fixes to rename region, rename hex (incl saving new region name)
Version 9.0.39
  • Switch to INTEL compiler - performance improvements, resolve build issues
  • Added New Game Lobby options:
  • - Regional Equipment
  • - Limited DAR / MAR effects
  • - DebtFree
  • - Third Party Relations Effect
  • - Battle of Atlantic
  • Improved Activation key check when launched from Steam (Win/Admin errors etc)
  • Diminishing returns from significant tech effect boosts to social ratings
  • Tech Tree: Reduced Social Health effects of many medical techs
  • Economic Model Change - reduced Facility & Unit Inflation system closer to SR2020
  • Added Low unemployment modifier to Facility/Unit costs
  • Added Difficulty level modifier to facility/unit costs
  • Resource / Production Changes:
  • - AI Regions will not liquidate reserve stocks unless necessary
  • - AI Regions will sell excess reserves even if wartime restriction (rubber monopoly etc)
  • - AI Regions will better consider colony production when deciding market sales
  • World market will do more to try to stabilize supply/demand spikes
  • Improved MP Sync Error checking; added "Pause on Sync Error" option in MP Games
  • Singapore now added to Strategic Transit Zone list (w/Panama, Suez, Turkish Str)
  • Nicaragua river mapfix
Version 9.0.34
  • New 1941 Campaigns for Japan and Germany
  • Research Units and techs added by Events will now progress properly
  • Fix for potential negative trade offers against diplo hostile regions
  • Cold War Order of Battle (Unit list) updated for base infantry units
  • Fixed mesh for Apache helicopter
  • Changed Alerts category text - "World Events" from "League of Nations" etc
  • Implemented new lock - Lock minister from Facility Build or Repair
  • Urban Era Facilities now show "modern" stage
  • Fixed issue in tech tree popup where leads-to unit designs not always shown
  • Partisan/Guerrilla move rate reduced by 40% to 3km/h
  • Region codes for grouped regions, modern maps, updated
  • Setting facilities offline no longer turns auto-repair back on
  • Significantly improve Save-Game load times on games w/large armies & missile count
  • Urban (city) facility "era" upgrades fixed / changed to support replace-by, Tech Reqs
  • AI Regions will make greater use of priorities to increase tech and unit research
  • Miscellaneous fixes to events, maps, Order of Battle, Equipment List
Version 9.0.28
  • Resolved Multiple Cargo bug from .26 update
  • Resolved Missing Tourist / Business Sectors from .26 update
  • Tech Tree Update (submarine pre-reqs)
  • Equipment list updates (Panzer IIIJ, B29)
  • Cold War Known Designs updated/fixed
  • Motorized Infantry removed from 1936 China known designs
  • Equipment List: Garrison Infantry no longer have surface naval attack
  • 1936 Spain flag and govtype fixed
  • Minor Order of Battle (Orbat) fixes
  • Italy campaign updated
  • Nuclear Power Plant designs assigned to appropriate regions in modern maps
  • East Timor fixed in CW and modern maps
Version 9.0.26
  • Slight fix to firing missiles from air proxy (inherit proxy from plane)
  • Support Govt / Support Opposition now also influences belli values (both ways)
  • -- (Effect is stronger if acting region has good treaty & WM approvals)
  • Adjustments to AI Ruler consideration of hostile action in high volatility
  • Resolved rare crash when zoomed in to top of map north/west of Alaska
  • Resolved Air Transport compiler bug, again (hopefully for good)
  • 1941 starting known designs updated
  • Support for multiple AIParams files
  • Alert message list now has game option to sort ascending (My Options - General)
  • Fixed support for alterante region names
  • Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and French Guiana now colonies in modern maps
  • Map fixes Bulgaria/Romania for '36 through '41 maps
  • Map fixes to modern maps
  • Cold War map starting designs/techs improved, ticket remains open
  • Cuban Cigars scenario fixed
  • Hanoi Hilton scenario fixed
  • Burma Flag fixed, Mod flag for Facist France added
  • GUI fix, expense report tooltip, overdraft interest charge reported
  • Research Expense report fixed
  • Adjusted naval strategic deploy locations
  • Leader fixes in modern maps
  • Events improved for '40 and 41 start Sandboxes including Bessarabia, Second Vienna and Treaty of Croiva
  • Tech Tree minor update, some dead end techs removed/remapped
  • Equipment file, tech prereq fixes, Obsolete date adjustments
  • Equipment file, Enterprise style nuclear supercarriers for other nations
  • Equipment file, minor fixes to unit stats
  • Removed IDLE from Espionage choices
  • Starting Domestic Approval fixed for 1940, 1941 Maps (esp Germany/Italy)
  • Social Services (safety net) spending no longer increases GDP
  • Birth Rate and Immigration fixed for high GDP regions
  • Petrol is now consider a consumer good as well as a military good for Minister Priorities
Version 9.0.19
  • "No Sphere" lobby option added to Scenario / Engine support
  • Resolved compiler optimization issues: Air Transport bug & Merge Crash
  • More leaders for modern maps
  • User Interface fixes
  • Cold War events expanded
  • Other events added/fixed
  • 3 new tank equipment meshes
  • Conditional Event changes and additions
  • Global Crisis Sandbox events added
  • Tech Tree additions - buildings now change through 3 eras, not just 2.
  • Minor optimization improvements
  • Resolved rare crash when zoomed in to top of map north/west of Alaska
  • Map fixes
  • Order of Battle / Equipment Fixes
  • Strategic Targeting fixes for minor regions
  • Corrected Victory Condition filtering/functions to match maps
Version 9.0.14
  • Leaders added to some key regions in World 2020 and Global Crisis 2020
  • Starting region debt should now properly create debt bonds on new games with national debt
  • 1940 Sandbox/Campaign fixes to represent final days of Operation Weserübung (Norway)
  • New Tutorial added – work in progress. Tutorial content works but more content will be added to this tutorial in future revisions
  • Events fixes in the ’36 and ’40 maps
  • Strategic Targeting controls for Allies of Enemy and All Enemies fixed
  • Map balance improved for modern maps
  • Regional data fixes for modern maps
  • New Unit Equipment Meshs (provided by forum member hoddized)
  • Various map fixes
  • Minor Tech Tree changes
  • Minor GUI fixes
  • Updates to Manual
Version 9.0.12
  • Resolved memory issue with excessive diplomatic offers
  • AI regions will no longer make diplo offers to dead regions
  • Improved internal handling of dead region AI
  • New Mac Installs default to 16-bit Resolution to improve performance
  • Diplomatic trade of missiles now also allows reserve show for ally/mutdef/nonaggr
  • Graphic options level setting sets all levels high/low, not just satellite imagery
  • Further improvement to AI trading resource code (prevent over-trading)
  • Resolve Newsitems / Don't show AI list memory leak
  • Known Designs updated for Russia
  • Equipment file minor fixes
  • Fixed region data for France in 2020 era maps
  • Order of Battle fixes
  • Loyalty Penalties Game Option added to Scenario Settings
Version 9.0.9
  • Fixed AI minister setting of production levels when trade but no local demand
  • Loyalty penalty for production in non-loyal areas reduced if civapr > 35%
  • Optimized size of many unit textures (improve memory/performance issues)
Version 9.0.7
  • Resolved a small memory leak (possible crash issue)
  • Resolved rare game-freeze issue
  • Added error checks for bad region # in email messages (Marco Bridge email fix)
Version 9.0.2 (Release Build)
  • Resolved some reported crash issues
Version 9.0.1 (Final Early Access Build)
  • Satellite Elements; Tech Race Elements
  • Diplomatic trade can see reserve units of other side if ally or mutual defense
  • -- Also if dip difficulty below "normal" then Non-Aggression too
  • Facility filters added
  • Adjustments to weather pattern
  • Improved Save-game buffering storage (string pool etc)
  • Merchant Marine neutral pathing defaults to False for human player
  • Fixed Support/Condemn bug (memory corruption / crash)
  • Fixed unit/tech pricing in popup dip
  • Added Synthetic Rubber production to the world and adjusted rubber balance
  • Minor map fixes
  • Various GUI fixes
  • Missile silo now shows under Defense-Production facilities list
Version 8.2.21
  • Popup diplomacy change - can only trade techs one "level" away from known
    -- Affects techs and unit pre-reqs
  • Resolved GUI slowdown in popup diplomacy
  • Resolved Naval "patrol stuck on coastline" issues
  • AI Naval response code updated…
  • Naval Resupply improved
  • Naval units no longer concerned with th/bz as much
  • Longer AI Naval response range, esp for refueling
  • Relationship fixes on liberation
  • Doubleclick on Loyalty flag changes currregion / calls up popdip
  • Explosions show properly on map seam (Hawaii etc)
  • Issue with supply levels in map start annexed regions fixed (ie Poland 1941)
  • Some Sandbox changes/fixes
Version 8.2.18
  • Default player name is set to Steam user name (if logged in)
  • Scenario/Sandbox/Campaign Win achievements support
  • Tech Race popup page support
  • Performance improvement to framerate with map overlays, weather overlay
  • Increase effect of state department funding (support gov / opposition / etc)
  • Dormant regions will resurrect under conditions
    [**] ie own original capital + 14 hexes, or over 21 hexes + urban centre
  • Support and Condemn Email responses greatly expanded
    [**] Effect diprel, civrel, sphere, and sometimes belli
  • Increased effect of Law Enforcement level to prevent insurgents
  • Fixes to map overlays graphics
  • Implemented Region Liberate / Return loyal land
  • No more splitting command units
  • Map/Sandbox fixes
  • Merchant Marine movement now defaults to safest/cautious pathing
  • Surrender/Elimination events in FF fixed for German enemies (poland/france/etc)
  • cheat usage flag no longer turned off on save games
  • Some adjustments to military difficulty levels
  • SR1936 Cache events - Soviet and Chinese efficiency reduced 1939-1943
  • Some datacode fixes (satellite, etc)
  • Increased influence effects during sandbox creation (offset sphere settings)
  • Try to prevent 'path around' causing neutral fire when transit exists
  • Cleaned up some code in ai diplomatic offers, improved th and min pri effects
  • approval effects on state dept and support/condemn affected by game lobby setting
  • High Resource production costs reduced in high gdp regions / economy fix
  • Fixed bug involving Coups and colonies
  • Fixed counting resurrected regions (internal counts)
  • Fixed issue with ai valuation of trading submarine techs
  • Mouse wheel scrolls email message text box
  • Tech Tree changes for AI Interest of some items
  • Liberate/Return land affects diprel/civrel/belli
  • Satellite interface and techs added

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Re: Supreme Ruler Ultimate Release Changelog

#2 Post by Kristijonas » Oct 21 2014

George Geczy wrote: 2) A new flag has been added to the .scenario files - "noloypenalty:" Set to true (1) this will disable loyalty penalties for production and line of sight.

In the very near future I would expect Chris will add this to the game lobby options choices as well.

-- George.
This will not affect partisans, correct?

Also, will there be an update to SR1936 soonish? Wondering if I'll be able to play around a little before I get SR:U at the beginning of November.

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Re: Supreme Ruler Ultimate Release Changelog

#3 Post by Balthagor » Oct 21 2014

Working on the '36 stuff. No partisan changes to my knowledge.
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Re: Supreme Ruler Ultimate Release Changelog

#4 Post by Kristijonas » Oct 21 2014

Nice, many thanks!

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Re: Supreme Ruler Ultimate Release Changelog

#5 Post by Xbwalker » Oct 21 2014

Wow! This is great news about loyalty. It is truly satisfying to see that you listen and engage your player base. May your company continue on and make you lots of money far into the future.

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