Supreme Ruler Ultimate Roadmap and FAQ (Updated 2020)

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Supreme Ruler Ultimate Roadmap and FAQ (Updated 2020)

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SRU -Steam forum Roadmap and FAQ thread

Q: What Maps/Sandboxes are included in Supreme Ruler Ultimate ?
A: The following Maps/Sandboxes are included:
- 1936 (pre-WWII)
- 1940 (pre-Battle of France)
- 1941 (pre-Barbarossa)
- 1942 (War on all fronts)
- 1949 Cold War
- 2020 Shattered World
- 2020 Global Crisis
- World 2020
In addition, content in SR Ultimate includes Campaigns from 1936, 1940, 1941, and 1949, plus a large number of scenarios from all eras.

Q: What Maps/Sandboxes are added with the Trump Rising DLC?
A: The following Maps/Sandboxes are included:

- 2020 Make America Great (Sandbox and Campaign)
- 2017 Trump Rising
- 2018 Trump Rising
- 2020 Divided States
In recent updates the Trump Rising Sandboxes are now included with SR Ultimate automatically.

Q: What Maps/Sandboxes are added with the Supreme Ruler The Great War DLC?
A: The following Maps/Sandboxes are included:
- 1914 (Outbreak of war)
- 1917 (Mid war, USA enters the war)
- Brinkmanship (1914, Franz Joseph dies early, Franz Ferdinand becomes emperor)

Q: Can you play as any country in the world?
A: In Sandbox mode, you are able to play as nearly any independent nation that existed at the starting date of each sandbox - from Andorra to the United States of America, and lots in between. In the "Shattered World" near-future map, the nations of the world have dissolved in crisis and so you can choose to play as one of many regional states, provinces, and territories around the world, though some other minor regions have been combined. We do not allow starting from regions that are colonies, though that restriction can be modded. Scenarios and Campaign games have defined starting regions.

Q: What date does the game end?
A: When played in Sandbox mode, the gameplay in Supreme Ruler Ultimate is entirely open-ended. Players can set their own victory conditions, or play with no pre-set ending date. The Tech Tree and Equipment list in the game span from before World War I and continues well into the 21st century, including ICBMs, stealth bombers, UAVs, and even future technologies. The economic and diplomatic model was redesigned with the release of Supreme Ruler The Great War to adapt to the various eras though transitioning decades may be widely different that historical trends.

Q: How thorough is the Equipment List and Tech Tree?
A: The Supreme Ruler Ultimate Equipment List includes thousands of units from the early 1900s until the late 21st century, including actual historical equipment, prototypes and upgraded equipment, and fictional future units. The Tech Tree contains elements spanning over 150 years of scientific and military development. These features allow gameplay well past the historical war years.

Q: How advanced are Land Battles and Naval Battles?
A: There are many elements to the Supreme Ruler games, and our military features are very detailed, with real-time military tactics at the battalion level for land forces. Factors such as supply and weather play an important role, as do close combat, terrain features, spotting, and more. For Navies, ships are simulated individually, but Supreme Ruler Ultimate does not specialize in naval combat features such as task forces and naval strategies, and those are not a focus of the AI.

Q: Does Supreme Ruler Ultimate support Multiplayer? What about MatchMaking?
A: Multiplayer support for Supreme Ruler Ultimate was updated with the release of The Great War. Matchmaking is now managed by Steam Matchmaking services. Multiplayer is only available for PC. To play a multiplayer game, simply select Multiplayer and join an open lobby or start a lobby of your own for others to join. In progress games within a geographic region are visible in the list of lobbies but cannot be joined.

Q: Does Supreme Ruler Ultimate support Mods and Steam Workshop?
A: Supreme Ruler Ultimate is extensively moddable, and our development team supports modders on our forums ( with information and assistance. The map editor and additional modding tools were added to the Steam tools section in August 2018. Steam Workshop support was added in May of 2020.

Q: Do you allow Youtube Let's Play videos?
A: Yes! BattleGoat owns all the rights to our visuals and music, and we give Youtube Let's Play creators permission to show game footage and sounds as part of their videos.

Q: Will there be a Demo Version?
A: There is no Demo version available. There are a number of Youtube walkthroughs and Let's Play videos posted by BattleGoat devs and fans, and these videos can give a very good indication of the gameplay and features.

Q: Will there be a form of Unit Hierarchy?
A: Supreme Ruler Ultimate simulates militaries at the Battalion / Squadron level. We allow grouping units into "BattleGroups" for easier control, however there is no built-in hierarchy system for divisional control.

Q: Is there support for Steam Achievements ?
A: Yes, Supreme Ruler Ultimate supports a number of Steam Achievements.

Q: Will the graphics be improved?
A: Since the Supreme Ruler series features a large and detailed map of the world, allowing thousands of units, tens of thousands of cities and facilities, and millions of unique on map locations, we have always prioritized the whole-world "no limits" features above visual "eye candy" elements. Our priority remains with the game features, gameplay, and game speed.

Q: Will the game speed be improved further?
A: Since Supreme Ruler 2020 a lot of work has been done to optimize and improve the game speed, and for a similar game played from the "Global Crisis" or "Shattered World" sandboxes, Supreme Ruler Ultimate will usually be anywhere from 10% faster to double the speed to resolve a "game day". Game speed will depend upon the player's system, how far in a game has been played, how many wars there are, who is at war (just neighbors, or the other side of the world?), and so on. The game engine will use multi-threading and available memory to help boost performance, but even so the game simulation is very detailed and continues to operate even where the player may not see the action due to fog of war or other factors (the AI does not "cheat"). Game speed will generally be between 10 seconds and 30 seconds per "game day", depending on all those factors.

Q: Will there be Steam Trading Cards for Supreme Ruler Ultimate?
A: Yes, we have released a full set of Steam Trading Cards and Community features.

Q: Why doesn't my favorite historical event happen in the game?
A: While the early years of World War II and the buildup to hostilities are simulated with a great deal of accuracy, as the years go on (1942 and later) the game can be so out of sync with the historical realities that the AI is given a lot more flexibility in its decisions, and this means the game will play less historically as time goes on. This is particularly true if players proceed in a non-historical manner, but the AI (and resolutions to battles, and even the weather) may change significantly from what happened historically. For example, late war aggressive involvement by the US will tend to be much more limited when the US is played by the AI. Some events, such as the Spanish Civil War, are not included in our historical simulation. The near-future "Global Crisis" and "Shattered World" are based around fictional future events that result in growing instability and conflict in the world.

Q: If I already have Supreme Ruler 1936 and Supreme Ruler 2020, why should I get Ultimate?
A: Ultimate provides some new features and content specifically designed to support long-term games from the early 20th century well into modern times and the near future. As well, it brings much of the SR2020 and SR Cold War content into the improved and enhanced game engine that has shipped with our World War II game. Supreme Ruler Ultimate is specifically designed to appeal to players that enjoy playing modern and near-future strategy in addition to the historical games. It is also possible to add the Trump Rising and Great War DLCs for even more content.

Q: Why won't the game run on my Mac?
A: If your machine is using Catalina, the game is not yet compatible with Apple's 64 bit requirement. The sudden limitation of support for 32 bit apps was unexpected and we do not have a version that is compatible with their new requirements.

Q: Why is the Mac Version framerate sluggish sometimes?
A: Some users report performance issues with the Mac version. The issues are with the frame rate at mid-zoom and zoom-out (whole world) view, primarily on high resolution monitors. The 27" iMac and retina displays run at resolutions higher than most PC users.

Q: When will Supreme Ruler Ultimate be available in other languages?
A: Supreme Ruler is now available in English, German, French, and Spanish. We do not anticipate releasing in any further languages

Q: Does this mean that development on Supreme Ruler 1936 is finished?
A: Fixes and new features from Supreme Ruler Ultimate were back-ported to SR1936 when possible. For example, the "Battle of the Atlantic" feature was added for Supreme Ruler Ultimate but also pushed back to SR1936 with a free update.
We thank all our players and fans that have supported our continued development, and Supreme Ruler Ultimate contains all the content and completely replaces SR1936. After Version 8.3.51, new features and content were only added to Supreme Ruler Ultimate, meaning players who are interested in the additional content as well as long-term game eras and modern-world sandboxes should upgrade to SR Ultimate.

Q: What can we expect as the ongoing support for Supreme Ruler Ultimate and Supreme Ruler The Great War?

A: Ongoing development for SR Ultimate and SR Great War both came to an end as of Q2 2020. The final update was version 9.2.3 for SRU and 10.2.3 for SRGW. Development has begun on a new Supreme Ruler "Next Generation" title as well as a space-based strategy game, Galactic Ruler. Watch for more news on these new titles.
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