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Help Pop up

Post by sparky282 »

Well I need help to turn the bloody help pop up off ironic I know :D

I seem to have clicked all buttons on it and in settings but still, it pops up mid-game

For some reason I only have this issue on global crisis games not sure why?
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Re: Help Pop up

Post by evildari »

cause this help / tips are events in the global crisis sandbox(at least)
you can remove them though:
(make backups of mentioned files)

in sandbox/GlobalCrisis folder
open the file Global Crisis.csv with a decent text editor and remove all line where you can see the words TIP or HELP near the end of the line (usually located to the end of the file)
then you have 2 options:
1. the probably safer option is to recache the game - start new sandbox and in the first of the settings select force recache - takes lots of time but has to be done only once
2. since i dont know how the eventdate calculations work i consider this less safe but it works very fast: you can edit the GlobalCrisis.scenario file in the sandbox folder and move the line #include "Global Crisis.csv" right after the line #include "Global Crisis-Text.csv", "SCENARIO\", Y

no annoying help anymore!
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