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Arena Maps Discussion/Suggestions

#1 Post by Sumojoe118 » Nov 28 2019

In the most recent update we released Arena20A which is a 20 player World War 1 map. We will soon be updating the Battlegoat wiki with new information on how to use the scenario creator alongside the map editor for players who want to create their own Supreme Ruler maps. What do you think of the new arena or other arena maps in general? What kinds of maps do you plan on making with the new tools?

Micheal Berg
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Re: Arena Maps Discussion/Suggestions

#2 Post by Micheal Berg » Nov 29 2019

I`m thinking small theater maps to play out battles, like the South China Sea, where the US/China and their proxy's can fight out a regional war.

Or the Middle East, and have Israel and its neighbors slap each other around in a Six Day War or something to that effect.


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Re: Arena Maps Discussion/Suggestions

#3 Post by evildari » Dec 01 2019

Played Arena20A as singleplayer Turkey.
small "map-painting" issues:
-a weird spot in the border of turkey - there seem to be a neutral 7 hex spot in one of their isles
-their big islands were not close
-2 agricultural centers

total evil major issue:
early 1922 (maybe earlier, did not check evertime the world production screen) : every other region stopped producing industrial goods
in summer 1922 the same cause hit my region: population got all the petrol and none were left for the industrial production
(and i was already expanding petrol production and scrapped all the petrol power plants in the first quarter after game start)

it would be really nice if one could change percentages and/or priorities of distribution.

(or next time do not forget to paint some more gas-fields ;)
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