Suggestion: Entrench!

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Suggestion: Entrench!

#1 Post by YoMomma » Mar 18 2017

Before even thinking about SRGW how about AI using the entrench option?

Too bad AI doesn't like special forces in modern campaign, but this is the most ideal unit for entrenching (enemy) borders and sea ports. You get alot of defence where needed and units don't have to move as much. Also artillery and like aa defence in important cities next to the borders instead of capital deep within the country. Would be nice if unit goes repair before it almost gets killed/destroyed but im fine with entrench untill dead. Not alot of units, ai still needs to be mobile, but some units entrenching would be nice.

This is missing in the whole series. If it's not in SRGW i won't even think about buying it.
Im just glad i run my own unit file.

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Re: Suggestion: Entrench!

#2 Post by georgios » Mar 23 2017

Army management model needs many improvements to become more efficient

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