I need help modding!

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I need help modding!

Post by CommissarKarkhov »

Thank you for viewing this thread.

Now, sorry to say this, but I must if I am to get any help.

I actually need help modding SR2020, not SR1936. I do this only because my post in the 2020 forum will be ignored if I don't.

I was making a mod that featured an alternate world thought up by one of my friends. I was excited to make it, thinking we'd have a fun time in the scenario.

However, I cannot make a cache file.

Click here for more info: http://www.bgforums.com/forums/viewtopi ... 48&t=23264

If you cannot help me, please find someone who can.

Thank you.
Sort of getting back into SR after a years long hiatus.
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