(REQUEST) Major UNITS Techtree for ANY Nation

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Von Thoma
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(REQUEST) Major UNITS Techtree for ANY Nation

#1 Post by Von Thoma » Jun 05 2014

Could anyone please EDIT the campaign, sandbox etc. or better the nations, that have NO OWN UNITS that they are able to research UNITS from one of the major nations.
It is always very boring to play a minor country and only be able to research "WORLDWIDE" units ...

best would be, when you start your game, you could choose which TECHTREE you want :-) , so conquer with Tibet the world using TIGERS ...

As I said, prefer to play minor countries and hate, that I have to trade with major countries for their units ...

PS: Possible to edit that in an ongoing save game ? (Austria in 1950 ... )

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Re: (REQUEST) Major UNITS Techtree for ANY Nation

#2 Post by Aragos » Jun 05 2014

I don't think you could do it for a game in progress, as it requires a re-cache of the .SAV file to do this.

Actually, this is a very, very easy request. On the SupremeWiki, it lists all the country codes for units. You could list all the codes for all the countries; basically find/replace using Word or Notepad in the .CVP file. Recache and you are done.

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Re: (REQUEST) Major UNITS Techtree for ANY Nation

#3 Post by Balthagor » Jun 05 2014

Just change all region codes to "*" which is "worldwide". Anyone can build those.
Chris Latour
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Re: (REQUEST) Major UNITS Techtree for ANY Nation

#4 Post by Kellick » Jun 13 2014

A code (that could be added to a design just like all the other codes) and supporting options for "player only" units would go a long way.
So if we used "P" for example and could add that to existing designs we would like to be able to research as well as a bunch of made up units that would keep those of us who want to play 3rd world country to superpower as well as not being bothersome to the historical purists.

If I can take over the world with 1 hex island country I should have better things to research. Once game events start to diverge from history, who could do what historicly starts to go out the window. I've played many a 2020 game as Brazil and the only thing that stops me from nuking the USA into oblivion is the fact that they "might" (if I continue to bail them out of debt and give them resources) get around to researching some units that I really want and have no other option for. Of course they just drain my resources and run game performance into the ground producing more and more units that they never send anywhere.

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