8.0.1 Economy Mod

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8.0.1 Economy Mod

#1 Post by mikeownage » Dec 10 2013

So I modified my DEFAULT.UNIT file removing the Sphinx unit design all together and Germany did far better against France than in my previous games.

I also changed how much Industrial goods it costs to build Industrial goods, Military goods, Consumers goods, and Military fabrication. In doing so I had a some what easier time building up China's economy. I didn't reduce the required IC by to much but seemed to be enough to make it more realistic.

I am including the updated cache file, my updated default unit file and the default.unit file that comes with the game by default just in case you guys want to try it out and forget to back your own up.

To use the new cache file just backup and replace GameDirectory/Cache/SR1936.SAV with the SR1936.SAV file.
For more information on Cache Files: http://www.supremewiki.com/node/14
For more information on Default Unit Files: http://www.supremewiki.com/node/49
If you forgot to backup either of the files and replaced them the original can be found below.

=====Version 2=====
I have reduced the the cost and IG cost of the main economic buildings but increased the IG cost of military facailities to decrease unit production build up by the AI later in the game.

Updated Cache File: http://www.mikeownage.com/1936/8.0.1/mod2/SR1936.SAV
My unit file: http://www.mikeownage.com/1936/8.0.1/mod2/DEFAULT.UNIT

=====Version 1=====
Updated Cache File: http://www.mikeownage.com/1936/8.0.1/mod1/SR1936.SAV
My unit file: http://www.mikeownage.com/1936/8.0.1/mod1/DEFAULT.UNIT

=====Original Files=====
Original Cache File: http://www.mikeownage.com/1936/8.0.1/mo ... 6.SAV.BACK
Original unit file: http://www.mikeownage.com/1936/8.0.1/mo ... .UNIT.BACK

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