AAR China v8.0.32

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AAR China v8.0.32

#1 Post by Rhaycen » Mar 17 2014

Sandbox China v8.0.32

I've played various nations so far, but China in sandbox might be my favorite. (Set everything to normal, high penalties for use of nukes)

1) After the Japanese Attack early I beat them back easily with the use of some mechanical infantry, T-28 or S35 tanks of which I've purchased the design from Russia/France. Japanese Manchouria and the Chinese Rebels are easily dispatched with horse cavalry. I use the horse cavalry because they require relatively few resources so I have less trouble taking over the places with very limited supplies and resources.

2) When I push Japan off the Korean Peninsula or when they have almost been removed they generally sue for peace. After that most of the action ends for China, depending a little on how things go in Europe. If the Axis forces win in Europe then Indochina usually acts up once France is removed. If the allied forces win in Europe, then the colonies stay under their rule and there is very little action in the Asian theater until Japan attacks the Philippines.

3) Japan seems to built crazy numbers of Land & Air fabrication factories, in 1943 it was sitting at 23/21/10. While with China I was sitting at 9/8/12. I seems silly to be building so many factories when you don't have the resources to support all these troops. Except for myself everyone seem to have a massive shortage of MG, because on a daily basis I get a minimum of a dozen trade requests for MGs.

4) By 1944 Making money seems to be more then a little difficult for China, I sell consumer goods on the global market have a surplus of almost every type of resource except rubber, and break about even on Petroleum. Very early on in the game I hit the low unemployment warnings and I didn't get back up to above 3% until ~1945. At which point the populations starts to grow faster then I could create workplaces for them, because I run out of money to built more factories.

5) To this day the loyalty issues seem a little unclear to me, Formosa (Taiwan) & Korea both show a Japanese flag but are named Korea or Taiwan loyalty. When Japan declares war on China, Formosa remains "neutral" ... so Japanese airplanes can take off and land, ships can replenish and troops can gather on the island, but china looses standing with the league of nations if it attacks it. That just seems a little backwards to me.

6) The game really needs an option to liberate a nation, right now whoever wins the war in Europe ends up being a nearly impossible to defeat super power. Varying per game this can be Germany, Italy, France or the USSR because each nation just consumes everything in their path and since the AI doesn't seem to repair anything along the way there is no real cost to these ever expanding empires with crazy amounts of troops in them.

All in all I'm loving the game and I'm getting close to 200h of playtime at this point, I'm expecting more playtime in the near future as I find myself looking forward to each patch to see how things got tweaked.

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