German Campaign 8.0.38

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German Campaign 8.0.38

#1 Post by chome » Mar 11 2014

I played the German campaign up until the fall of Poland and wanted to give a few observations.

First, I love the fixes to the new campaign and how the war with Poland played out.

Japan defeated China very quickly like within 6 months but I noticed a big problem that happened and that was with IG's and MG's They plummeted across the world with the fall of China and never came back. I checked all the big nations around the world before my attack on Poland and all the nations had less than 1000 IG's and MG's. The Soviet Union which started the campaign with tons had less than 1000 each. The US was okay on IG's at around 90,000 but had less than 2000 MG or so, France had zero MG, Japan had zero MG's. etc.

The Markets were showing poor on both and the prices had skyrocketed. Even paying full amount with both slider bars over to the right yeilded very little of each.

I stopped playing because it became obvious that once the real war broke out, there would be a gigantic stalemate due to the lack of produced IGs and MGs. Military goods especially. I was running real low like under 100,000 MG left after the fall of Poland and I was using 5000 a day and producing around 500 MG's. No way to buy more as there was none to buy.

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Re: German Campaign 8.0.38

#2 Post by Aragos » Mar 13 2014

Yeah, this is happening a lot. The AI is overbuilding fabrications and emptying the 'global bank' for MG and IGs.

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