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#1 Post by Sawedoff » Jan 27 2014

I'm playing as Egypt right now, seeing where I can take her.


March 7, 1936
Road system has been expanded. To become more self-sufficient, construction on new farms, oil rigs, and timber mills have been ordered.

May 1, 1936
Egypt begins trading minor military designs with other nations to increase the capabilities fo its future military.

October 24, 1936
Thanks to reduced imports, and oil exports, Egypt is now generating a yearly surplus.

November 10, 1936
Ethiopia has fallen to Italian forces.

March 29, 1938
Germany has annexed Austria.

August 29, 1938
Treaties have been signed with Turkey, promising everything short of a full formal alliance.

April 15, 1939
Albania falls to Italy.

June 19, 1939
Finally possessing air capabilities, the Egyptian Air Force is formed.

September 25, 1939
Germany invades Poland. Dozens of nations declare war on Germany and Italy.

December 15, 1939
Egypt, seeking a higher position on the world stage and seeing France hold back Germany and Italy, invades Libya. Italy declares war on Egypt.

February 21, 1940
Seeing more opportunity for military strikes against Italian forces, Egypt declares war on Eritrea.

February 25, 1940
Finland surrenders to the USSR.

March 2, 1940
Libyan Capital Tarabulus falls to Egyptian Commandos.

April 17, 1940
Libya is annexed into Egypt. 1400 Egyptian troops were killed in the invasion.

July 10, 1940
Egyptian Commandos secure the port of Brindisi in the heel of Italy. Forces following secure the entire heel for Egypt.

August 7, 1940
Poland falls to the combined might of Germany and the USSR.

October 27, 1940
The Italian city Napoli falls to Egyption forces.

October 28, 1940
Egypt begins construction on their first submarine, a V-4 Argonaut class submarine.

December 19, 1940
Egyptian forces capture Rome. Italy surrenders unconditionally. Sudan seizes Italian holdings in Africa. The Dodecanese, Somaliland, Albania, and Eritrea become idnependent. France annexes land to just south of Firenze.


February 12, 1941
Eritrean capital Asmera falls to Egyptian troops.

March 5, 1941
Under outside pressure, Yugoslavia splinters into Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and a newly reborn Italy.

April 14, 1941
Eritrea surrenders unconditionally to Egypt.

June 2, 1941
Egypt invades Albania.

June 3, 1941
Albania surrenders to Egypt.

June 17, 1941
Egypt joins the allied forces of Europe and declares war on Germany. German puppet-state Bulgaria invades Egyptian-occupied Albania.

July 14, 1941
Danish troops enter Berlin. The Third Reich has fallen.

August 7, 1941
Bulgarian capital Sofija falls to Egyptian troops.

September 1, 1941
Bulgaria capitulates to Egypt.


September 12, 1941
The USSR annexes Romania.

December 18, 1941
Egypt declares war on Croatia.

January 18, 1942
Italy falls to Soviet forces.

January 19, 1942
Croatia surrenders to Egypt.

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