HINT: play a SP Game and let your friends join !

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HINT: play a SP Game and let your friends join !

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Hi there,

just found out that it is possible to start a game and continue it as a MP game ... some sort of "Hot Join"

you only have to copy your SP Save to the MP directory
AND you have to send the save also to your friends who want to join (don't rename it, it has to have the same name everywhere)

I even started the 36 Campaign as Germany and my brother joined in 1940, now as Italy ...
no problems atm.

MAYBE BATTLEGOATs could include that as an official feature ...
so the host need to be able to send the file (some sort of FTP server, there should be freeware/license free versions with an api around )
direct to the players before starting and in the lobby it should be possible to start direct from the SP save directory

So someone who plays the game more could play his Game and sometimes friends could join for some hours and afterwards he could continue or play with others !
Already possible, but a little problem is to share the file, so people will not use it or aren't aware of that feature !

Think an addon, which could improve MP community ! (AND IT IS EVEN ALREADY TECHNICAL POSSIBLE)

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